Efficiency Comparison Among Sandblasting Machines & Shot Blasting Machines

by Bmemallo L. Sales Person
sandblasting machines shot blasting devices are considered as the mechanical processing of surface treatment techniques. Normally speaking, sandblasting devices and additionally shot blasting machine can both remove the rust or grease on the work piece and additionally guarantee the roughness requirements of the following procedure. Nonetheless, sandblasting machines and additionally shot blasting machines are of their own positive factors and then disadvantages. Sandblasting Machines Sandblasting machines work by compressed air to inject the sand materials on the surface of work pieces. In this way, the rust can be removed coupled with the surface can have certain roughness. Sandblasting is mainly used for removing the rust or oxide coating on the work pieces, especially pieces after heat treatment. sandblasting equipment can remove not just the rust, but also the grease on the surface of the work pieces. Between all the current surface treatment ways, sandblasting machines can have comparatively better cleaning effect. Sandblasting is suitable for those work pieces which have higher surface requirements. However, the usually applied sandblasting system is made up of many original heavy sand transport devices such as scraper not to mention bucket conveyer. Therefore, a deep pit waterproofing layer will be needed to install the whole sandblasting system. This project involves high construction cost, huge degree of maintaining work coupled with high maintenance cost. What's worse, the sandblasting machines generate a number of dust during the operation, which might result in occupational disease of the personnel around and then bring serious pollution to the environment. Shot Blasting Devices Shot blasting machine works by throwing the high speed running shots on the surface of the work pieces with centrifugal forces. Shot blasting machine is of much more functions compared with sandblasting machines. It can remove the rust or oxide coating, improve the roughness level of the surface, remove the burrs of the parts, eliminate the inner stress of the parts, prevent the parts after heat treatment from deforming and additionally improve the weariness resistance ability and then compressive capacity of the parts. Compared with sandblasting devices, which can be mostly operated by manual force, shot blasting devices can be operated automatically or semi-automatically. The installation coupled with maintenance of shot blasting machine is also very simple cost effective. Shot blasting machine can provide perfect surface treatment to the work piece without changing its original shape together with thickness. Since shots are the primary materials of the shot blasting machine, there'll be no dust or any other forms of pollution generated from the shot blasting process. Therefore, shot blasting machine is commonly applied in many various industries, for instance, automobile manufacturing industry, ship manufacturing industry, steel industry and then casting industry.Read more

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