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Analog cameras with rolls, expensive lenses and loss for their wastage has become past now due to the existence of Digital Photo editing. Because of the Photo editing service, clicking photos has become quit an easier job as we do not have to worry about the minor mistakes in our picture due to which the pictures might move to thrash. With the help of Digital Photo editing there is actually no limit to what effects can be added to a picture. In other words we can say your creativity is the limit of how much you can edit using Photo editing service. Well if you are new to Digital Photo editing then you have an option of just adding some effects which can completely change the look of your picture.

n  Effect #1   One of the easiest way of changing the look of a picture is to filter the image with the tool render or we can call it lighting of the picture. Well this can give a new look to your picture. We also have options in the Photo editing programs to chose the angle of light and add shadow effect to it.

n  Effect #2   Well lighting of the picture is now changed so let’s distort it now. Yes, distorting the picture or inverting the color or adding a solar effect to the picture can make it look very different. But note that this effect should be in less amount else the image would be unrecognizable.

n  Effect #3   Another cool effect can be aging of the picture. You might wonder am I destroying your picture?, well the answer is yes. Destroying the picture in a perfect creative manner can make it look different and cool. So add scratches, patches and dots to your picture. These are some techniques which can help you to do the Best Photo editing.

n  Effect #4   So your picture is looking quite different now and its time to give it a 3d look. Well its quiet easy and a secret trick is that just add some text in a bulging form. Best photo editing software and even some very basic Photo editing programs have this option. Even if you don’t have this option in your Photo editing service not to worry this can also be done in MS. Word with word arts.

These were some of the effects which can be easily added to a picture in minutes and it gives your picture a new look. However if you have a good knowledge of photo editing you can always use tools to edit features like :- Noise, Color balance, Sharpness, Focus etc.. Editing a picture is all about creativity. So think different, who knows, you might come up with a new cool effect for Best Photo editing. But remember, a good Photo editing program is your best friend for Digital Photo editing.

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