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by Valery Ryabov Independent

I have decided to set a goal to launch the Matrix no later than January 1, 2015. If we are able to sell the remaining Co-Founder positions before this, we will launch earlier. However, if we have not sold all remaining positions by December 31, 2014 we will launch the Matrix anyway.

How will we achieve this? Simple. The software will be ready long before January 1st. So, all we need to do is sell the remaining Co-Founder positions. As many of you know, I am a fairly successful online marketer. I also have friends who are fairly successful business owners and online marketers. I have already begun to put together a team of investors that is committed to purchasing 100% of the remaining Co-Founder positions on December 31, 2014.

If you plan to upgrade to Co-Founder, you better do it now. Or at the very least, before December 31, 2014. Any remaining position on December 31, 2014 will be purchased by the team of investors I am working to establish. This means we are absolutely certain all Co-Founder positions will be claimed and the Matrix will definitely launch on January 1, 2015. That is, of course, unless you members get out there and claim all the remaining Co-Founder positions before this. If you do, we will launch as soon as they are all claimed.


David Ruebush

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As we build our business, we will go through 2 stages together. Each stage has its own compensation plan. In addition, you can earn extra money by participating in live Earning Sources that are listed on the Earnings Page.

All members, regardless of membership level, can participate in live Earning Sources that are listed on the Earnings Page. Each Earning Source has its own compensation plan and profit potential. Choose Earning Sources that appeal to you and start earning today! The ONLY way to earn GBBG Points is by participating in Earning Sources. 

STAGE ONE: Development Stage (temporary)

During our Development Stage, members may earn money through referral commissions.

Founder and Co-Founder members who refer other members who upgrade their account will receive a commission equal to 40% of the upgrade fee. This is approximately $12 per referral that upgrades. This commission will be paid on the 15th of every month for all referrals that upgraded the prior month. This will continue until we move to Matrix Stage.

STAGE TWO: Matrix Stage (long-term)

After we have 6,715 Co-Founder members, we will move from Development Stage to the Matrix Stage as soon as possible. Upon the launch of our Matrix Stage, all members will be loaded into a 3×7 Forced Matrix. Every member will earn GBBG Points by participating in live Earning Sources that are listed on the Earnings Page. They will then be paid each month through 3 Matrix Earnings Channels

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Dave davin Magnate II  Spacebook
BitCoin is here to stay.
Dec 24th 2013 01:59   
Rose Frankie Magnate II   Internet eBusiness,
i wanna to know to earning and transfer such bitcoin into personal account
Dec 24th 2013 02:31   
Jully Krist Advanced  Web services uk
what is it and how it works?
Dec 24th 2013 03:59   
Valery Ryabov Magnate I   Independent
1. You can earn by making surfing on three auxiliary programs
2. You can earn by selling your structure from auction

On the site you can see all of the evidence of payment
Dec 24th 2013 04:19   
Teodor Muntean Professional   Business Consultant
Real Bitcoin is not at these guys, they have almost nothing to do with bitcoins but use the name. I am a member there but realized that is waste of time. Then I looked to real bitcoin world and found it. The most important sources of new currency called bitcoins comes by Bitcoin MINING and Bitcoin TRADING.
Dec 26th 2013 03:40   
Jully Krist Advanced  Web services uk
Thanks a lot for your reply
Dec 26th 2013 10:06   
Valery Ryabov Magnate I   Independent
Teodor, this unsubstantiated charges. Bitbillions need to work to get money. If you want to earn commissions from your referrals that upgrade in the earning sources, you need to be a premier in the earning source. Just because you are a free member does not mean you automatically get commissions from the earning sources. You will get any referral upgrades to co-founder in GBBG though. Share GBBG, you can make some good commissions from referral upgrades. Not everyone can be engaged Bitcoin TRADING. No need to present complex things like easy money
Dec 26th 2013 16:38    Edited in Dec 26th 2013 16:49
Jay Carey Advanced   Owner of The Downliner
Been a founder in BitBillions for about 8 months now and not seen 1 single payment to my Coinbase wallet. Don't you just hate it when a company starts non-functional but continually promises earnings. Personally i think BitBillions missed the boat as there are plenty of alternative, paying opportunities out there now. Probably why i never included it as a program in The Downliner.
Dec 28th 2013 09:17   
Teodor Muntean Professional   Business Consultant
Agree with Jay. Valery, if you want to work for them do it, but I wont waste my time working to make money for them as this is the only thing you get from it. Must be very naive to believe these sharks!! I can't believe so many people do not see the reality behing these kind of s calle donline business... sorry about this but I lost enough money before learning the lesson, you will do the same, and will come back to tell the real story, one day...
Dec 28th 2013 13:43   
Valery Ryabov Magnate I   Independent
I could not show proof of earnings before. The award was made ​​by the company a few days ago. Earnings for December was $ 58.11. I showed screenshots in my Russian-language blog. I can show this to anyone wanting
Jan 20th 2014 21:07   
Peter Paul Professional  Manager
That good. That network earn money. I will join this network
Jan 20th 2014 22:02   
Marko S. Professional   Web Presence Provider
Theodor is completely wrong
Feb 8th 2014 10:55   
Miguel G. Senior   Marketing,sales,advertising consult
I am already within the project and am Member premier co founder and hope to have excellent results.I you tell you them as we will
Mar 15th 2014 20:09   
Jan M. Magnate I   Free Lancer
The Best Judge is time...
Till Now I Got Paid. There are Products Inserted in a Marketing Platform and there is a BiCoin Fund Investment.
Recently Was add an awesome Product for Savings and Investments: POW - Preservation of Wealth
Aug 6th 2014 03:16    Edited in Aug 6th 2014 03:31
Jan M. Magnate I   Free Lancer
All I Can Say is :
Before Promote something, I Test my Self!
- support is opportune, every time I ask more infos I received an answer on time.
- I got PAID, on Time;
- the develpment strategy is very well pointed and there are honest people.
The Most Important thing is You Can Develop Your own project with a Great tech support
Aug 6th 2014 03:24    Edited in Aug 6th 2014 03:31
Jan M. Magnate I   Free Lancer
My Recommendentions are :

1. GBBG is a Revenue Streams. GBBG generates revenue through the following network of goods and services;

2. Preservation of Wealth; Invest in Gold &/ or Silver Coins.
Very Good ComPlan.

3. Also, GBBG is a FAUCET Bitcoins:
- BITFEUD, IwantACar, MyBitcoins Rewards

4. Last, but not the latest...
GBBG is an Advertising Network
Aug 6th 2014 03:30   
ALLAN MONES Professional   Certified Public Accountant
Im new into it . I am convinced. I upgraded 4 co founder slots. Huge profit surely will come.
Sep 10th 2014 11:58   
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