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When I was starting out in my working life a trusted colleague of mine told me that to get the best out of anything I did, always remember the “KISS” principle. When I asked him to explain, he said the “KISS” principle is simply a reminder not to over-complicate things. “KISS” = Keep It Simple Stupid!

This advice has served me well for many years in many ways but particularly in my later role as a Manager and a Trainer. When I had to give up my career because of a health setback I forgot this and on starting out as an Internet Marketer I felt that I had to learn everything I could in order to pass the knowledge gained onto my team.

This proved to be a very stressful and overwhelming time. For months I struggled to cram as much knowledge into my head as was humanly possible. The result? Very little gained and lots of money spent. When I examined why I was not achieving the results I was hoping for, I realized that I had forgotten the lesson learned all those years ago.

I had been so wrapped up in making sure that I knew all about the programs that I was using that I did not take the consistent actions that I needed to, in order to get predictable results. I went back to basics and looked at the results I got from the actions I took.

By following the KISS principle once again I learned the very basic structure of programs I was working with and decided to take action and monitor what was happening. Programs that I now promote and use all have different methods of earning but the actions needed to be successful are all very much the same. I do not need to know exactly how each part of the program works I need to take action observe and then repeat the successful actions. That way the results are predictable and measurable.

You don’t need to know exactly how it works you just have to know that it Does!
After all “You don’t have to be an Electrician to switch a light on!”

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