Earn Money Affiliate Marketing: Choosing The Right Program

by Wesley Anderson You Are Not Allowed To Be Scammed

Choosing a program can be a burden sometimes because there are so many selections to choose from. There are people who are jumping from one WEBSITE AFFILIATE PROGRAM to another. This is a very unstable situation to be in because you wanna stick to a program but there is always something else catching your attention. This is more than enough of a reason for you to choose a program carefully and not get caught up in the web of jumping around.

When choosing the right program, you want to find out what type of information you are knowledgeable of or a skill set that you can train people in via video marketing and/or content. Understanding this will kill half of the hassle right there. If you rely on just your intuition and "money," then you will be jumping from one affiliate site to the next without even making a dime.

Joining a merchant site like Clickbank will definitely help you get in front of companies that support your skill set or knowledge. If it's knitting, coaching basketball, selling digital products, etc. Clickbank supports a wide variety of categories to help you select the right opportunity for you.


You definitely will need to avoid scams at all costs. You will run into a lot of these programs around the internet and social networks. Most people are promoting various opportunities through these cannels and may or may not know that they are promoting a scam. Some opportunities out there will take money from peple and then after a couple of months, they shut down. Sometimes it takes a couple of years.

The way you will recognize a scam is through the following factors:

The overall layout of the site

Some of these sites will look really unprofessional, too much graphics, or look like some sort of website from the late 90s or The appearance is a huge factor and you will need to be really leery of those outdated looking sites asking for money

Random Emails Asking You Join

When you check your email, you will occasionally run into an email that asks you to take a look at their opportunity or take a look at the "secrets to something." You might want to be really careful with these because they could be viruses or someone trying to hack into your email account an get personal information.

People Presenting A Program To You

As you join social networking sites and run into people through Craigslist ads and other forms of social media, you will see many people presenting you with a lot of opportunities. It's not to say that they are trying to scam you, but you will need to investigate the program that is being presented to you. It's not that hard either. All you really have to do is just research the opportunity via forums and search engine.

Overall, you will need to choose the right opportunity for you to make money and if you don't choose the right place, then you will run the risk of getting banned, accounts frozen, or just getting misinformed about the program itself. You want to have all of your basis' covered. 

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