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The Creator: Harry Tawse

Who is Harry Tawse

He is an Australian teacher with 30+ years experience. I have worked in three states of Australia, in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and in China. harry teaching includes time in government run and private school systemsHarry Tawse

The schools that Harry taught in range from large urban schools of 1500+ students to tiny schools in remote Aboriginal communities of  20+ students

Harry have taught every age group from toddlers in Kindergarten to adults at Tertiary level

Harry started out teaching as a drama teacher in secondary school but his career has taken many different directions over the years. In addition to drama, Harry have taught English, ESL, History, Geography, Social Studies, Junior Science, ICT and Music

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Some Keys to Teaching Drama to Elementary Students

Here are what Harry believe to be the keys to successful drama teaching at elementary level

Don’t be concerned about curriculum maps or complex lesson plans. Be responsible, be accountable, be dedicated and creative but don’t try to make drama at this level what it should never be. The focus must be experiential not developmental. Not that you have no expectation of students developing skills but that the most important thing is to immerse them in new and exciting experiences that trigger imagination and give place to creative role-play. Leave the development of skills to teachers at a higher level, when students, who have gone through the process of immersion in drama activities are ready for it

Plan thoughtfully and carefully but be prepared to abandon the plan completely when ‘gut-level’ spontaneity gets hold of you. Harry most successful classes at every level have been those ‘magical’ times when something just happened and the students and I got caught up in the moment and let the spontaneous energy and creativity carry us along

You must tread carefully at the beginning with any age group because you have no idea what their prior experience is. In the West children most likely have already experienced play centered Kindergarten, or Pre-school activities that include some form of role-play; drama simply becomes and extension of it. Children from other cultures however may have little or no exposure to this. Begin your whole program and every class, always, with non-threatening activities - a range of well chosen games or simple improvisation games such as “What’s my job?” or “What Instrument am I Playing

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