Distinguish the Centrifugal blower, roots blower and rotary blower

by Vivi A. China Machine Search Report

Blower is a driven fluid machine depends on inputting mechanical energy to improve the gas pressure and exhaust gas. People are not familiar with a wide variety of fan name. Below we are going to talk about the difference between centrifugal fan, roots blower, and rotary fan work principle.

difference from several blowing machine working principle is:

1, the working principle of centrifugal blower when motor rotation drive fan impeller rotates, the vane impeller between gas also spins, and under the action of centrifugal force throw these gas, gas flow rate, gas flow increase in the kinetic energy into static pressure can, then with the fluid pressurization, static pressure and can convert speed can, through the vent discharge gas, and in the impeller intermediate formed certain negative pressure, due to the entrance is negative pressure, so that the outside world under the action of gas in the atmosphere immediately add, in the impeller continuous rotation effect of continuous discharge and add gas, so as to achieve the purpose of continuous drum wind. The same power, wind pressure and air volume general inverse process. The same power, wind pressure is high, the air will be relatively low, and air volume, air pressure will be less, in order to make full use of the motor work efficiency.

2, roots blower, roots blower's principle of work principle of work: for volume, fan fan, transfer of air and revolution in proportion, trefoil type impeller rotating once every by two impeller 3 times suction, exhaust, with two leaf type, compared with less gas pulsation, load change small, high mechanical strength, low noise, small vibration. In 2 root flat phase done shaft has two trefoil type impeller, wheel and oval chassis inner hole surface and the impeller between the three remain small clearance, due to the impeller are negative direction uniform rotation, housing and impeller surrounded by the amount of gas suction side of the side of the conveyor to discharge. Each branch of the synchronous gear wheel always keep the correct phase, won't appear the phenomenon of touch each other, thus high speed, do not need to internal lubrication, and simple structure, smooth operation, stable performance, to adapt to a variety of purposes, has been used in a wide range of areas.

3, rotary blower structure and working principle: blower pressure range: 0.1-0.5 KGF/cm2 rotary blower structure compact, mainly from the following six parts: motor, air transition device, blower ontology, air chamber, base (and tank), drip nozzle. Blower on cylinder inside biased rotor eccentricity running, and make the 4 a blade rotor slot between the volume change will air intake, compression, spit out. In the operation of the blower differential pressure automatically lubrication to drip nozzle, drip into the cylinder inside in order to reduce friction and noise, and keep the cylinder gas does not return.

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