Curing agent curing temperature and heat resistance

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All kinds of different curing temperature curing agent, curing of heat resistance is different also. Generally speaking, the use of high curing temperature of curing agent can get heat curing. For addition polymerization type curing agent, curing temperature and heat resistance increase in the following order:
Catalytic addition polymerization type heat resistance of curing agent is generally in the fragrant polyamine levels. Type anionic polymerization (tertiary amine and imidazole antiquities), cationic polymerization (BF3 complex) heat resistance is basically the same, this is mainly from the reaction mechanism is different, but in the end all the reticular structure of ether bond.
Curing reaction belongs to the chemical reaction, is highly affected by the curing temperature and higher temperature, reaction speed, gel time shorter; The gel time of numerical straight decline roughly along with curing temperature rise. But curing temperature is exorbitant, often make the curing performance degradation, so has the upper limit of curing temperature; Must choose the curing speed and the temperature of the curing performance tradeoffs, as a suitable curing temperature. Curing agent at the curing temperature can be divided into four categories: low temperature curing agent curing temperature under room temperature. Room temperature curing agent curing temperature to room temperature ~ 50 ℃; Medium temperature curing agent is 50 ~ 100 ℃; High temperature curing agent curing temperature above 100 ℃.
Belongs to low temperature type of curing agent varieties, rarely have poly ryukyu, more isocyanate, etc.; In recent years, the domestic production of T - 31 of modified amine, YH - 82 modified amine curing below 0 ℃. Belong to many different kinds of room temperature type: aliphatic amine and alicyclic amine; Low molecular polyamide and modified aromatic amine etc. Belongs to the medium temperature type of a part of alicyclic amine and tertiary amine, narrow azole and boron trifluoride complex, etc. Belong to type of high temperature curing agent with aromatic amine and acid anhydride, JiaJie phenolic resin, amino resin, the dicyandiamide and hydrazide.
For high temperature curing system, curing temperature is generally divided into two stages, using low temperature curing, in front of the gel in gel or a bit higher than the gel state of the state, after the high temperature heating curing (post - cure), relative before the period of curing for procuring (pre - cure).
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