Commercial or handmade natural soaps?

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The bath and skincare market has gone through many dramatic changes in the past few years and there has been a huge shift in the way people perceive conventional ‘soap’ products with many now questioning whether these are the right products for them to use for themselves and their families. Handmade natural soaps, artisan soaps and bath products are emerging as a much gentler preferred, alternative to conventional artificial products.

The regular beauty bars you find on the high-street may include some controversial ingredients, which is precisely why companies use different terms to describe their products. The term “soap” is heavily regulated and companies are not allowed to use this word unless it is a real handcrafted bar of soap.

The so-called beauty bars and other product names that include the name “bar” are not based on natural or organic components. In order for commercial cleansing bars to be so foamy and scented, they have to include chemical ingredients such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate, fragrance and Parabens. Moreover, Parabens are a common cause for concern, because they have been linked to several skin conditions, the worst one being cancer.

Dermatologists advise people to avoid prolonged use of commercial products because they can dry out the skin and cause rashes and allergies, especially to people with sensitive skin. Not everyone reacts the same to the above mentioned ingredients. Some can use them for years without noticing signs of damage, while others, especially those who have eczema and psoriasis, report that they make these conditions worse. More often than not, frequent use of beauty bars causes the feeling of dry, tight and even itchy skin.

Using handmade natural soaps alone might not be enough to treat conditions such as eczema or dermatitis but they have can have a significant role in helping to soothe the symptoms. Before choosing the right product, you should carefully analyse your skin type and potential allergies because not all soaps are created equal and some natural extracts are more effective than others. If you have extremely sensitive, acne-prone or irritation-prone skin, you can always choose an all-natural, unscented product and be rest assured that it will not cause any damage.

Artisan soaps or ‘handcrafted soaps’ are made using only natural ingredients such as natural oils, natural butters such as shea butter and coconut butter and essential oils. Handmade natural soaps use essential oils to achieve a pure and natural perfume rather than the artificial fragrances and chemical additives which are used in commercial beauty bars.

They use essential oils to give unique, individual benefits for their customers. There are many advantages and benefits to using a handmade natural soap; there are no harmful, artificial chemicals to worry about, they will not leave your skin feeling tight, dry and itchy and you get the therapeutic benefits that natural oils, butters and essential oils can offer.

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