Building an ideal Car Stereo System - How to integrate an Advanced Stereo System

by Smith Maxwell Smith Maxwell

Integrating a good car stereo system means experiencing a good feel of sounds. However, an ideal car stereo system may not necessarily refer to anexpensive one. However,it must have certain features to offer what is expected.

It may be quite challenging to build a perfect stereo system, as the components and speakers are not designed to suit all vehicles universally. However, you can still build the right one.

Here follows a few considerations to help you build an ideal and advanced car stereo system:

Type of Stereo system:

There are various types of stereo systems available for cars to replace the older one. However, to choose the right one:

·         Consider the frequency response and it should be wider and higher, thereforecapturing and reproducing sound will happen in a better way.

·         Consider the sensitivity and efficiency of the stereo speaker, as this decides the distance sound travels.

·         Focus on maximum RMS power, which the speaker can continuously produce.

·         Component speaker will give a good listening experience as it provides quality and complete range of sound.

·         The power of the speakers must not diminish riding power of the car.

·         Before you decide the type, listen to each stereo system and identify the differences.

·         There are multi element speakers, coaxial speakers, midrange speakers, midbass speakers, sub woofers and component speakers available for car stereo system


What to consider more?

Besides considering the type of stereo system, there are also a few more elements to consider and narrow down your selection. Here are a few:

·         Listen to the sound while parked in a driveway

·         Try to twist all knobs

·         Push all buttons

·         Do all functions to check if they work fine

·         Play mp3 file or CDs

·         Tune in to HD radio / satellite radio broadcasts

·         Play louder without distorting

·         Control an iPad / portable audio devices

·         Play DVDs on built-in / retractable display

·         Listen to speaker individually and try to adjust the balance / fader controls

·         Turn up volumes

·         Drive around in the noisy road and listen

·         Rate the current gear by listing the components in the stereo system on a scale 1-10It

·         On rating, if the receiver ranks lowest then you must consider replacing an adapter / receiver

In addition to knowing these factors to consider building your stereo system, if you are still unsure of which component to actually replace or has the problem then take the guidance of an expert, who can easily figure out the cause.

Do you think your music needs more “oomph”? Then you need to increase the power to your speaker. This can be done by an amplifier, which can increase the volume. Amplifiers will also bring musical details with full clarity, while resulting in quality sound at any volume level.

If you still need more sound, Dynamat in the car can help you increase more sound and keep you undisturbed from the road noise.

If you are using an iPad, music player or your phone for music, then ensure your stereo system has Bluetooth and USB port for direct connect. It must also be capable of transferring signals faster. 

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