Brick, brick, brick...

by Udo Hoffmann Erudite polymath
Its tax time and the deadline is still weeks away so you put it off, for now. You'll do it later when you have more time. Or how about that diet you have been on, more or less, for several weeks.  You lost a few pounds at first but now its not working and you're sort of following it.  Perhaps the new "secret" program that you just paid with some of your hard earned cash  will finally help you succeed and bring in tons of money.   Money that you so desperately need that you to help you out of the hole your in.

Do of these sound familiar?   Putting things off until later, fudging things just a bit or buying into a "magic" or "secret" short-cut?  Well none of these things work!

Putting things off until later is not a habit that afflicts the successful or wealthy.  Neither do they cheat, skip or forget to follow an action once set upon and most certainly they know that the formula to success can not be short-cut and is not a secret nor magic or even luck.

Success is like a brick wall, no one single brick makes a wall.  A wall is not built with a haphazard pile of bricks dropped randomly and a wall with missing bricks is weak and doomed to collapse.

Like the wall success is built one step (brick) at a time, laid out in a precise pattern and each brick supports those before it and those which come after it. 

So next time you want to put things off, cheat just a little bit or take a short-cut,
just remember:- Brick, brick, brick, brick, brick, brick, brick, brick, brick.....

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