Bookmarks Printing is one of the best way of business promotion

by Devid Johnson SEO EXPERT

In the promotional merchandise market, the promotional pens and other writing instruments are one of the biggest selling products. There are numerous different techniques which are used while branding the items. The companies while placing the order for promotional pens they come across different terms as well as methods which the people tend to use, to describe as to how the pen can be personalized. The most common and versatile method adopted is screen printing. The screen print is basically a technique which uses a woven mesh to support an ink blocking stencil. The stencil on the screen is the only area of the screen which allows the ink to pass through the fine mesh. A squeegee then moves across the screen as the promotional pen which are offered up to the screen by the machine pushing the ink using the stencil and onto the pen''s body. Thus printing on pens does take place.

By using this method is easy to print multiple colors in close registration onto the pen's body. At very economic rate. In general,two types of machine's are used for screen printing onto the promotional pens. The first is automatic machine which facilitates the high volume capacity. The second machine is semi automatic, that are manually fed by the printer and the action moving the pen to the screen is controlled by the operator each time. This method is far slower, but it allows far more accurate registration on multi color print job. These machine types are vital for any supplier of varied promotional pens, as they offer them great level of versatility in the factory. The organization also adopt varied techniques for creating promotional bookmarks which will help in placing the the company's advertisement in the customer's favorite books. Thus Bookmarks Printing also help in marketing the company's products and services of the company.

For jobs where the pen would not fit in either of these above machine types, they may find pad print is the only option. For example, those pens which have curved or tapered barrel, they have to be pad printed. There are numerous type of pad printing machines, but the basic principle does the same. We find that the image is edge to the metal plate which helps in holding the ink, this image is then again transferred on to the silicone rubber pad which help in transferring the image on to the item. Thus producing the end result of printed pen. This method of printing is quite slower compared to the screen printing, but it offers more versatile method of creating personalized pens.

Business also opt for rack cards printing techniques for printing varied cards. These cards for perfect for the companies whose business is tourism and retail. Those who involve themselves in trade shows also these cards are quite useful. The online stores print these cards at a reasonable rate. The staff while placing the order they can provide the instruction as to size and design of the cards. The customer service staff listen patiently while the customer places the order and if they do not understand they do interrupt the customer and clarify the details while taking the orders.

Author is an online marketer in India based printing company and now he is sharing information on printing on pens. Visit for more information about Rack Cards Printing.

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