Body Massage and Essential Oils- Complete Relaxation! Tempting Aroma!

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These days, people are unexceptionally affecting by extreme stress which is draining out their all the energetic vibes from their body. This results into tiredness and low feeling which resist their mind to think sometime innovative or to face challenges in their life.

If you are going through these same stress problems, and looking for a treat that can make you feel like completely relaxed and pampered, a soothing body massage can definitely help. People do parties every weekend, meet friends and get tried. But they never get the peace they actually wanted after a hard week of work. Taking break from the work and parties can surely make a big difference.

What do you actually do on your weekends? Most of the time, we plan out so many outing, but they never actually work out and we end up wasting our time. Then, why not a tempting body massage?

Body massage session can give the real peace of mind as well as complete relaxation. This is the best and affordable way to stay healthy and refreshed. You will end up forgetting about all your work or personal problems. You can get maximum benefits of having a good body massage from right massage therapist. You can get boosted immune system, better digestion, improve blood circulation, reduced body ache, less stress and numerous health benefits from different types of body massage therapies. Choose type of massage that suits you the most.

You can get rid of your daily body aches and low energetic attitude through body massage therapies. The massage therapists press or rub your body with their hands by using different massage techniques. They apply essential oils that provide multiple health benefits to your body. If you are planning to have a treat of complete relaxation by a good body massage, then go for it! You cannot be wrong with this idea.

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Let’s talk about different aspects of massage therapies.

Why massage therapists use special essential oils in massage therapies?

Massage therapists treat their customer’s body with extreme care, and use different massage tactics to give a wonderful massage to their clients. In a typical massage session, special essential oils especially customized oils of great quality are blended together and smells really good. These all essentials are mixed with carrier oils that help those essential oils to get absorbed by the skin and there is no risk of being too strong or bother your skin.

Essential oils have large number of good effects on the body. These oils are good for the skin- enhance its glowing texture and remove the dead skin layer from the body. These essentials with carrier oils make any massage session hundred times better and more beneficial. 

Different types of carrier oils that are used by massage therapists:

1.     Apricot kernel oil

·        Best oil for aromatherapy

·        Have benefits of vitamin E

·        Best for face

2.     Sweet almond oil

·        An oil with great texture

·        Extracted from almonds

·        Most popular oil and used by most massage therapists

3.     Coconut oil

·        The best oil for sensitive skin

·        Great vitamin A

·        Rich in fatty acids

4.     Avocado oil

·        Extracted from avocado fruit.

·        Best used with almond oil

·        Green in color

5.     Jojoba oil

·        Extracted from the seeds of jojoba plant

·        Antibacterial properties

·        Best carrier oil for body massage

6.     Olive oil

·        Blend with other aroma oils to provide benefits

·        Most popular oil

·         good for all types of skin

7.     Wheat germ oil

·        Blended with other oils

·        Rich in vitamin e

·        Very beneficial for skin


Different types of essential oils used in massage therapies:

1.     Coriander Essential Oil 

·        Extracted from cilantro plant

·        Provide extreme relaxation for stressed body

·        Improve blood circulation

2.     Angelica Essential Oil

·        Generate calm and peaceful feeling in body

·        Provide relief from pain

·        Reduce stress

3.     Lavender Essential Oil

·        An oil with sweet and fresh aroma

·        Sooth your skin

·        Most versatile essential oil

These all essential oils are widely used in all types of massage therapies and provide great health benefits to the body.  Every type of body massage needs a different essential oil to offer different health benefit. You can choose the oil you want and get complete essence of relaxation in your body. The best option is to get Body Massage in Delhi at the most reasonable prices. 

So, this weekend relax your body and feel energetic to hit another week of hard work at your office. Stay healthy! Stay positive!

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