Blog post templates save you time

by Priya Rai Web Designer

Blog post templates save you time

Care about your time? here is how blog post templates can save you few extra minutes.

  • It is GTD in action. The template is almost finished post, half work is already done. Instantly. You can almost see your work done. Saved few minutes?
  • It is a checklist. Your mind gets freed for doing more intellectual work. Mechanical work must not consume time. Checklists are of great help. Saved few minutes?
  • It is guidance. You can boost your intellectual power by asking right questions along the way. The lesser mistakes the lesser time spent on editing. Saved few minutes?
  • It focuses you. It helps you implement Stephen King’s Greatest Lesson for Writers – avoiding to come lightly to the blank page.

Blog post templates build your style

Is your blog just a brain dump recycle bin or you are building your style and brand?

Blog post templates save time your readers

One of the‘s values is Time. Both the reader’s and my time.

  • Readers do not read. They scan the web. Blog post templates help readers to be more effective while reading (ehm.. scanning) your posts. They can skip directly to the part they usually read and save few minutes.
  • Memorizing, building memory malls. Well formed/chunked posts are easier to remember and it is great value for the readers. Readers can easily build their Personal Memory House or Landscape out of your well formed posts.
  • Cannibalizing. If the post is a value packed stuff, it is easier to cannibalize it when it is well formed with good post template. Readers can easily chunk up your posts and reuse it in their work – be it their blogs or other related work.

This post was written using the following template and guidelines. Adopt it as is, change it, or create your own. The idea is not adopting/adapting my post template. The idea is adopting the post template practice.


[TITLE TITLE TITLE - Review Writing Headlines for Regular Readers, Search Engines, and Social Media - TITLE TITLE TITLE]

[First Line. Hook. Ask questions. Say something intriguing. Get your potential reader hooked to make her read on.]

[Answer the questions. Make your statement. Think of sub headline in the newspaper article that generally says the essence of the post. This should make the reader read on to find out "how" or details on your take]

[insert picture from flkr. More flkr stuff - A Complete Guide to Finding and Using Incredible Flickr Images]

[do not forget to give credit on picture]

[Heading - help readers to scan the post]

[body and details - consider giving link love]

  • Bullet 1. Explanation.
  • Bullet 2. Explanation

[Heading - help readers to scan the post]

[body and details]

  • Bullet 1. Explanation
  • Bullet 2. Explanation

[quote would be nice]

Search quotes here

[My related posts - promote yourself]

  • post 1
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  • post n


How to Avoid Fool’s Gold and Create Value-packed Content

  • It doesn’t alleviate problems a little – it solves them.
  • It doesn’t make your readership think about doing things differently – it changes the way they act.
  • It’s audacious – it tries to do many things at once.
  • It expresses something your target audience didn’t already know.
  • It answers a question your target audience didn’t know how to ask.
  • It makes your target audience feel better about themselves.
  • the post surprises the reader.
  • check for stickiness.

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