Blade & Soul: How to Deal with Angler Yeti as Force Master

by Sean C Mifflin Editor
Did you know that, as a Force Master, you can basically control the entire flow of a Yeti run? You, the fabled one and true CC and damage monster, can make sure that every single quirk about Yeti is handled and that your party does NOT wipe. How is this possible? Keep reading, cricket! Upgrading your weapon by BNS gold is also important.

So, after farming Yeti Pieces for about 2 days and a having full week after the patch, I thought I would do a small post for all the tips and tricks I take when I pug around for Yetis. This is from a lower AP perspective, I started Yeti pugging around level 50 with 420 AP, and I still only have about 430 AP now. Gotta get my upgrades done, if anyone wants to donate some MTS stones.

Overall Phases and Attack Cycles

Yeti has 2 clear cycles that everyone should recognize by now. I call them "Heat Phase" and "Cold Phase" respectively.

Heat Phase

Heat Phase lasts from 100% HP to about 40% HP, and this is were he steals heat from the party. After a bit of DPSing, he will trigger a mapwide pull that brings everyone about 3~5m from him. This will apply a Hypothermia debuff that lasts 20 seconds, and at the end of these 20 seconds you will freeze. On the good end of things, this freeze acts kind of like a Frost Shield and will resist all incoming PHYSICAL damage (Yeti's swings, his stun swing). However, it will amplify his AoE damage. This means at most HP values it will be a OHKO.

If you do NOT have aggro after the pull, then at this point you can break the stun and begin DPS again. If you DO have aggro, it's a bit trickier. You feel up to it, you can again dodge the stun+grab and start DPSing, but this next part is where things get complicated and tricky.

Post-pull and the fated Grab of Heat

So Yeti will now grab whoever has aggro. If between the pull and the grab the aggro target changes, yeti will freak out and grab no one. If Yeti is between 40~50% HP (usually the third and last Heat Phase of any party that will beat the timer), he will freat out and grab no one. I will detail what to do in the next section.

From this point on you can now FROST SHEATH your party a second or two before the Ice Wave AoE. If they took heat from you, they will Sheath but not take AoE damage. This prevents some wipes. If they didn't take heat from you, then they ded leik so ded.

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