Blade & Soul: Black or White for LBD?

by Sean C Mifflin Editor
"Can someone enlighten me on which one is better for LBD? They both seem pretty good. I want to take the white one because it increases flicker damage, but the heal seems less desirable with its healing compared to the damage increase from the black one." a player said.

Pesonally Im thinking Black for now is better Heres why:

We are capped at Stage 3 as of right now
Stage 3 gives probably 3%, (mabby 2-4% depends, the number didnt match the upgrade on stream) Dmg increase on the ability. 3% of our Flicker ability is not very much. I currently do about 6.8-7.3k Flickers on avg with maxxed outg ear aside from bracelet which is awk siren. I have 620 AP and 1663 Crit dmg. 3% increase on flicker is like 204 additional dmg. So the dmg from the white legendary is only 204 vs 620 from the other. Ofcourse this will also go higher in the future, but 150% of 620 is 930, so that number will also increase with new upgrades. So unless our dmg increases by 10k, 3% or even 5% dmg increase is not better than 150% of AP in Additional Dmg.

So now it boils down to On hit vs being hit. On hit obviously beats being hit.

My only question is what is these stacks the weapon refrences, and how often will this occur... Does it change based on the procing method of the weapon. Because if its based on the Weapons proc, than Baleful wins Hands down because BD's are the fastest attacking class in game, and avoid being hit in PvE. Mabby in OWPVP it will be better to go seraphs, but I don't think so...

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