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Hello. Come and discover this Innovative and Modern PTC paying good BTC (bitcoin) amounts for each click! 

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1 - Users:

As an user, you don't have to register with your e-mail address, instead, uses the uniqueness of Bitcoin addresses: your identity will be attached to the address, that's it.

The main difference of compared to the competitors, is that you can level up without paying a single penny. You'll simply be rewarded for your fidelity. For instance if you accomplish 6 visits within 7 days*, you will automatically level up to the next level. So the higher your level, the higher direct revenue along with revenue from your referrals you will get.

The second big difference, is that is a HTML5 application, so I hope you’ll enjoy its sleek interface as we kept things to the simplest and yet, to the most relevant.

The website uses a leveling feature for its members and have the following requirements :

*Visits required to get those levels:

Level 1: The default level (new registered members)

Level 2: you need to perform minimum 3 visits on last 7 days

Level 3: you need to perform minimum 6 visits on last 7 days

(keep in mind that if you do not perform the minimum visits on last 7 days, your level will be reverted back to 1 (default)).

It's easy to level up so don't worry.

Payments for each ad viewed depends on member's level and on the timer of the viewed ad :

Ad timer / lvl /satoshi earned per click

Direct revenue rate among different levels:
Waiting time10 seconds20 seconds (-5% OFF)30 seconds (-7.5% OFF)40 seconds (-10% OFF)50 seconds (-12.5% OFF)60 seconds (-15% OFF)
Level 1 direct revenue0.000000040.000000070.000000110.000000140.000000170.00000020
Level 2 direct revenue0.000000040.000000070.000000110.000000140.000000170.00000020
Level 3 direct revenue0.000000060.000000110.000000170.000000220.000000260.00000030
Referral revenue rate:
Waiting time10 seconds20 seconds (-5% OFF)30 seconds (-7.5% OFF)40 seconds (-10% OFF)50 seconds (-12.5% OFF)60 seconds (-15% OFF)
Level 1 referral revenue0.000000020.000000040.000000060.000000070.000000090.00000010
Level 2 referral revenue0.000000030.000000060.000000080.000000110.000000130.00000015
Level 3 referral revenue0.000000030.000000060.000000080.000000110.000000130.00000015
Visits required to get those levels:
  • Level 1The default level
  • Level 2you need to perform minimum 3 visits on last 7 days
  • Level 3you need to perform minimum 6 visits on last 7 days

Examples :

-if you are level 2 and you're viewing a 40 seconds ad, you will receive 14 satoshi.

-if you are level 1 and you watch a 30 second ad, you will receive 11 satoshi.

-if you are level 3 and you watch a 60 seconds ad, you will receive 30 satoshi.

ATTENTION: The website has an extension to install for browser, just like neobux, which notifies you when you have new ads available, notifications such as withdraw processed. Don't worry it's safe, you can disable it but you won't find out when new ads are available or when you have receieved your withdraw request, only if you visit the website often.

Withdrawals :

Minimum withdraw amount is 10000 satoshi (0.0001 BTC)* and the money are sent directly to your wallet . You don't pay any fees.

To withdraw just click on your username ,select Preferences ,then Withdraws and click on Your available balance . The requested amount will autofill with all you got on balance.

Usually it takes maximum 24 hours to get approved your pending but sometimes it might take even 4 days but don't worry you will receive sooner or later your request. If there is a problem you can use Contact to message the admin.

* After your requested Withdrawal, you will get a CODE in your Email account (inbox) and that code, you must put it inside the box opened for confirmation. After that, click once more on the Bitter Withdraw Button to complete your Withdraw!!

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RECEIVED (This Month in the Same Day and Fast):

#2772860.000326523Bxz1RxUgi8pFUUFqVNHu9gWyFhqJCtRdQWithdrawn02/11/2017 04:40
#2513750.00011407194hyVwsDwjD8UdQ1NeLGxdv5D5Bjfw5v1Withdrawn01/09/2017 22:31
#2414190.00023147194hyVwsDwjD8UdQ1NeLGxdv5D5Bjfw5v1Withdrawn11/08/2017 21:29
#2215370.00011392194hyVwsDwjD8UdQ1NeLGxdv5D5Bjfw5v1Withdrawn30/06/2017 14:32
#2124360.00011345194hyVwsDwjD8UdQ1NeLGxdv5D5Bjfw5v1Withdrawn05/06/2017 17:37
#1965440.00012345194hyVwsDwjD8UdQ1NeLGxdv5D5Bjfw5v1Withdrawn05/05/2017 15:54
#1843650.00011125194hyVwsDwjD8UdQ1NeLGxdv5D5Bjfw5v1Withdrawn18/04/2017 18:04
#1757320.00015390194hyVwsDwjD8UdQ1NeLGxdv5D5Bjfw5v1Withdrawn08/04/2017 23:33
#1656970.00013100194hyVwsDwjD8UdQ1NeLGxdv5D5Bjfw5v1Withdrawn19/03/2017 19:40
#1559560.000558221DZadXTkcgouNF7tHZfMFge28BsqeM6mDNWithdrawn28/02/2017 06:14
#1275270.000200191DZadXTkcgouNF7tHZfMFge28BsqeM6mDNWithdrawn26/12/2016 00:22
#1199850.000331221DZadXTkcgouNF7tHZfMFge28BsqeM6mDNWithdrawn04/12/2016 06:09
#1067080.000260581DZadXTkcgouNF7tHZfMFge28BsqeM6mDNWithdrawn26/10/2016 15:21
#943250.000241921DZadXTkcgouNF7tHZfMFge28BsqeM6mDNWithdrawn23/09/2016 17:08 - Free bitcoin, bitcoin advertising, ptc JOIN FREE!

2 - Advertisers:

As an advertiser, you can receive Bitcoin targeted traffic quickly. Our simplest ad campaign starts from 0.0003 up to 0.00153 BTC with 3000 Clicks for each advertising campaign (from 10 up to 60 seconds). You can monitor your campaign visits through a daily chart.. No sign-up required, we will not ask for your email address, never. All visits are certified unique. Your campaign is activated as soon as your transaction gets the 2 confirmations required by the Blockchain (unless your website doesn’t fit with our terms-of-service).

What if you want to be regularly updated about Follow us on:

Or register to HTML5 Push notifications, it's anonymous (this avoids registering your email address).

Admin / Contact / Support is Honest and Fast !!


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