Benefits of Glow Stick Wristband Over Silicone Wristband

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Whenever you think of glow sticks, the first thoughts that probably come to mind are of rock concerts or kids’ sleepovers. While these are the most common thoughts that will come to mind when thinking of glow sticks, there are numerous other useful products that have been developed from glow sticks, and one of them is a wristband. Glow stick wristbands have become popular with many people these days for a number of reasons. Most of us are used to silicone wristbands, but glow stick wristbands are a fairly recent development. Although both types of wristbands serve as great additions to style, glow stick wristbands serve more purposes than just fashion accessories.

Firstly, glow stick wristbands can be a wonderful addition to your preparedness supplies. They can act as emergency lighting that can substitute flashlights and candles. The brightly colored and diffused light that they produce is actually great for short term illumination because they can last for about 6 to 12 hours. They can come in handy especially when you are out camping or whenever the power to your home is suddenly interrupted and you need to find a source of light urgently. Since you will be already wearing the glow stick wristbands, you will have an easier time finding matches to light candles or to locate a flashlight when power goes out in your home. On the other hand, silicone wristbands do not offer such benefits because they are mainly used as a fashion accessory.

Glow stick wristbands are also ideal when you are reading or doing something and you need additional light than the makeshift flashlight can offer. You can simply slip on a couple of glow stick wristbands and use their light to see whatever you are doing. The only problem with the light they produce is that the light tends to shine in all directions, including at your eyes. This makes it hard to see what is on the other side. However, you can prevent this by putting a strip of duct tape on the side facing you in order to direct the light downwards and not have it glowing directly into your eyes.

Glow stick wristbands are a useful and fun fashion accessory to have especially when you are doing something in dim light. They can act as emergency lighting whenever power goes off and they can come in handy if you need to find something in the dark. The downside to glow stick wristbands is that the light they emit is not permanent and it will stop producing light after some time. On the other hand, if you are just looking for a wristband as a fashion statement, you can buy silicone wristbands online and have them printed with custom messages or names.

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