Belly Dance for Pregnant Women

by Beth S. Freelance Writer

Belly dancing is one of the popular exercise choices of many pregnant women. It is because belly dancing has several benefits not only for the appearance of the mothers but also to the condition of the baby. If you want to include belly dance to your routine, you need to consult your doctor first and ask if this exercise is recommended for your pregnancy condition. Below are other things you need to know about belly dance for pregnant women.

Safe moves

Like doing other types of exercise, there are acts that you need to do when doing belly dance lesson especially if you are a pregnant woman to ensure your safety. It is important that you do large hip circles that will help in positioning your baby correctly. Doing little hip circles might not help in positioning the baby inside your tummy. Another safe move is to swing your pelvis carefully from side to side. There is no need to exert a lot of effort and do the moves fast because you might feel pain from doing these. During labour, do figure 8 movements that must be done backwards and then forwards. Following these safe moves while doing belly dance lesson will not only help you during pregnancy but also to ensure that you will not experience pain or injury while dancing.


Belly dancing classes Singapore is not only popular for people who want to achieve their desired figure and improve their appearance but also to have a positive perspective to their body image. Weight gain due to pregnancy might make women conscious about how they look and lose their self-confidence.  Belly dancing classes Singapore can help to workout muscle groups that make it easier for them to deliver their baby. The belly dance moves strengthen abdominal and pelvic muscles by swaying and dropping hips. You will also have a good blood flow because each movement is subtle and will make you use every part of your body.

Most pregnant women also love belly dancing because it can help to correct the position of the baby in a safe and natural way. It also reduces the uterine prolapsed by toning the pelvic floor. Attending belly dance class during pregnancy will make it easier for pregnant women to adjust with their body and deliver the baby. It will help prevent having contractions and body pains during pregnancy. In addition, because of frequent abdominal movements, food will move freely to aid digestion and prevent experiencing constipation, which is common problem by most pregnant women.


When attending belly dance Singapore, make sure to inform your instructor about your condition. This is important because there are some movements that are not allowed for pregnant women and if they know about your condition, there will be added safety to the movements that you will be doing. Prevent doing quick and sharp movements while dancing and make sure to pick slow rhythmic music so you can still go with the rhythm while dancing. You must also avoid jumping, doing back bends, doing shimmies and even sharp hip twists, which can be dangerous for the condition of your baby. Make sure to keep your knees softly bent instead of locking them to prevent tearing any ligament. And most importantly, if you feel uncomfortable or experience any pain, stop dancing and consult your doctor immediately. Do not try to force yourself because you might end up having contractions and affect the condition of your baby.

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