Beauty, make-up, and Yves Rocher at AUC

by Lara Peake Designers

Make-up artists are more than mere decorators for those who monopolize beauty. In hindsight, they serve as healers. They are majestic in their power to see beauty in the most hidden of places.

Using color to bring out the difference in beauty, they are magicians. Foreseeing magic in places of scorn. Their tools become wands. These fairies reveal new meaning in the faces of those who seek counsel, comfort, and healing through their existence. Such is viewed by those who come to be healed.

On Thursday (December 11, 2015), a glimpse into paradisaical jewel had been brought to the American University in Cairo's New Campus. Traces of French mermaids and the docility of a French paradise illuminated hidden aesthetics in the faces of those feminine Spirits, brave enough to enter her world, and to be transformed in her being.

Yves Rocher (France) at AUC (Lauren and make-up artist Salma)
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Such is the passion that comes when being glamorized by Yves Rocher (France) at the American University in Cairo on December 11, 2015. On that day, the Spirit of the Mermaid came to highlight a certain essence of the writer. It had been a long time since one had connected natural elements in the make-up and skin care industry. For the writer of "A Flower of Yves Rocher," it was a day-to-day occurrence to wear the typical, black eyeliner, as with many women on campus. But Thursday brought forth a whole new re-awakening for AUC Women who stopped by at Yves Rocher.

On that day, the art brushes and paint of Yves Rocher (France) worked their magic. Unnatural products were no longer needed. Earth's natural elements of Yves Rocher showcased a healthier image for women in Cairo. Soothing elements of a botanical garden were foreseen in the face of Lauren K. Clark. The confidence and liveliness had been enriched for those students getting their free make-up session, as the vivaciousness of her essence connected the inner to the outer beauty. And it were the colors of green, with a touch of pink, and the natural glow of Earth's browns, that re-kindled them back into the movement for healthier skincare. Safe in the care of Yves Rocher, the colors that enlivened women's features revealed an enchanting aura; attracting a crowd of other feminine dames (at AUC), who too, desired to experience the wonders of Yves Rocher. The tools and elements, provided by Yves Rocher (France) gave women students and staff, the chance to be painted in the Earth's beauties--to be discovered, and explored. The writer of this article watched in silence as the use of natural products, (by the artist Salma), allowed for a new wave of female empowerment on campus. Out of the four onlooking dames, one of the onlooking students wore a hijab. Her silence and covering foretold of the mystery surrounding her. The other three students conversed, and momentarily focused on the commotion of young, male AUC students, who engaged in senseless quarrel. But the venue of Yves Rocherwould not entertain such energies. It was too entranced in the magic of peace, and the need to spread such throughout the AUC campus--a secret garden of its own.

Natural browns of the Earth had soiled the skin of the writer (present at the venue) showcased a natural, Earthly tone. And the skill of Yves Rocher's make-up artist showed the power of highlights with a lighter touch. Staring at themselves in the mirror, students were pleased and gratified at the natural glamour of their beauty. The other AUC maidens in attendance, also nodded in approval of the final product of the make-up artist's work.

The presence of Yves Rocher (France) on the American University in Cairo's campus was not only for the marketing of a product, or company. In addition, it was also for the telling of a story. . . encouraging the practice of natural beauty and skin care for women students, staff, and professors on campus.

Yves Rocher's visibility on AUC's campus begins the work of re-connecting women to their natural essence. Their beauty was validated because it simply exist; only to foretell the next chapter for the flowers of Yves Rocher.

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