Beaded Badge Lanyards – It Is Time To Work With Fashion

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Many companies require employees to wear an ID. Connecting that ID to one of the fashionable beaded badge lanyards available is a great way to stay in style while still following the company’s request. While some business dress codes may specify that the employee use the lanyard that was given to them by the company, others do not have a preference of how the ID is worn. Companies that give each employee an ID string, normally bulk order items that have the company logo and name printed on them. While some companies insist on using the specific company logo lanyard, most just supply them to be courteous and are fine with the idea of staff members wearing beaded badge lanyards. These accessories are normally favored by girls and women, versus men, but a simple set of black beads makes for a masculine piece that can be used to display a work identification day in and day out. Some very fashionable women buy multiple colors, and styles to coordinate their ID string having strings with their daily apparel. This allows women to dress the way they would like without worrying about whether or not their work identity card will match their outfit. Companies exist that customize beaded badge lanyards.  These items vary in length and a customer can request the length that best matches their body type and prevents the identity card from being in their way throughout the workday. The most popular lengths are 32 inches and 34 inches, but clients can normally specify a different length if they would like to. The actual beads vary from piece to piece Sterling silver spacers, hematite beads, magnetic clasps, pearls, and toggles clasps are some of the items that can be chosen to customize the piece specifically for the client. Other specialty bead types for the beaded badge lanyards include turquoise, red onyx, and topaz.



These pieces are both fashionable and functional and they help employees follow the rules of wearing their employee identification every single day. Women that work in hospitals, school or offices that require the employees to wear a uniform are particularly fond of beaded badge lanyards because it is the one piece of their outfit that is not completely set out for them. It is the only article that they have control over changing and customizing to fit their own style. It gives them a sense of freedom and gives their outfit or uniform a creative personal touch. A popular touch is customizing these items with one’s birthstone of choice. Each month is correlated with a specific stone. The following connections are made when it comes to the beads used: January-Garnet February- Amethyst March- Aquamarine, April- Crystal, May- Emerald, June- Pearl, July-Ruby August- Peridot, September- Sapphire, October- Pink Swarovski crystals, November- Topaz, December-Blue Topaz. Normally there is an option to add pearls or clear crystal beads as well. Some people purposely buy a lanyard for a month that is not their birth month merely because they like that color the most. These items are a fun way to do a little self-expression in a way that is professional and tasteful.

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