Are You A S.I.M.?

by Joe Sansoucie Advertising Your Business Is My Business
Are You A S.I.M., Social Internet Marketer?

The web is a great place for titles like Internet marketer, Affiliate marketer, Network marketer, and now with the explosion of social sites designed for business like Apsense, there is a new breed called the Social Internet Marketer.

Okay maybe you've never heard that before, I just thought of it tonight, maybe it is an original thought, maybe not, but the facts remain.

You know you're a Social Internet Marketer when you...

1. Start your day by checking for new messages while drinking your first your morning cup of coffee.
2. Update your FB, Twitter, and any other social sites you belong to before you leave for work.
3. Spend a good part of your day using the chat feature to catch up with your contacts because you work full time online in your own home based business.
4. Have Apps...?

As you can see, if you exhibit any of these traits, you my friend are a Social Internet Marketer, and if you didn't know this already, you are addicted too! :-)

Truthfully, which do you check first?  You email inbox, or your new messages from your social sites?  Me too! LOL, so yes I am a Social Internet Marketer just like you!
isn't it fun!  Isn't it powerful? If you are shaking your head no, then I recommend you just go through every link and try them all to see what you can do there!

I also recommend that you seek out some of the people here who you see all the time on the wall, they are active and are happy to answer questions about how to use Apsense.  A good step is to look up the person who referred you to Apsense, you can share contact information, chat, send messages, and learn a lot.

A Social Internet Marketers job is not "easy" however once you start using it you find it becomes an extension of your communication skills, and you will make a lot of friends along the way too.

Don't be afraid to show your real photo in profiles and please don't put off filling out your bio and the other information there.  it helps the people here get to know you and in the end, it's the personal relationships that will fuel your businesses growth.

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Joe Sansoucie Professional   Advertising Your Business Is My Business
Post a comment if you are a S.I.M. too! :-)
Sep 23rd 2012 08:27   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
I am afraid that many members lack the social part. Many sign up with the objective to have one more opportunity to post their links. Posting business ops however is social advertising. The most important aspect in my opinion is the digital "worth of mouth recommendations" and building B2B contacts and B2C contacts. This means making yourself an expert in your niche and becoming a human resource for others. This can only be achieved by being social. There is nothing wrong with promoting programs and opportunities... as long as you don't forget to be social!
Sep 28th 2012 21:18   
Joe Sansoucie Professional   Advertising Your Business Is My Business
Absolutely right Paula! If you're watching what is going on at Facebook, there are now hundreds of groups where you can blast your ads out. However I wonder how many people actually read and take action? The social part is alive and well as is the spamming at Facebook. I personally prefer to make friends first and see if anything I have would make their life better. In fact there are many times when what they have to offer benefits my business too.
Sep 29th 2012 11:58   
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