An Overview Of Social Commerce

by Jon M. Consultant

Introduction to Social Commerce

Social commerce is the concept of the 21st century, that includes utilizing the social media platform to support and aid the online contributors of advertising, promotion and marketing of the products, goods, ideas or services. David Beisal, the creator of the term Social Commerce, first introduced this term through Yahoo for a unified purpose; estimating user ratings, shared pick lists and all other elements related to the online processing of goods or services.

Social Commerce Today

Social commerce has now become a very extensive concept. With the robustly changing trends of the online world, social commerce has become a very important tool for the fashion industry, as well as a contributing tool of other industries. Although all the aforementioned functions still come in the major categories of the social commerce, yet the concept now covers online buying and selling, sharing online business, becoming a part of online social communities, promotion and marketing on social networking, utilizing social applications and advertising on the social forums.

Reports tell that by 2015, more than 50% of the sale would be done via social commerce; either directly or indirectly. By the end of 2010, more than 50% of the shoppers were reluctant to share their credit cards on the social networks and social forums. However, the changing trends have won the trust of more than 85% of the online shoppers now.

Strongest Trends Potent To Drive Social Commerce

1. Fan Conceptualization: People go on the social media to enjoy social communities, chats with friends, discussions with companions, and share their ideas etc. Utilization of fans to promote the brand is a strong driving force of the social commerce as people love their being-mates. Being a fan or simply a social networking site's user, they would pay concentration to the word told by their mates, not by a business entity.

2. Systemization Of The Social Commerce: When introduced, social commerce was just a concept. Now, most of the companies utilize the technological systemization to aid their businesses supported by social commerce. The future of social commerce is a purely systematic business extension.

3. Unified Social Systemization: The present trends of social commerce are a step to the unified systemization of social commerce and social media. Stepping into a more convenient future, people will be able to shop from anywhere around the world. The present trends of buying, selling and promoting from the social networking sites will be further strengthened by the unified system of social commerce.

Conclusion - The Future of Social Commerce

Today, Facebook stands ahead of Twitter in social commerce. The reason lies in the suitability of the Facebook features with the social commerce trends. In future, most of the social networking sites and social forums will bring in new features that will support the social commerce trends. By 2018, most of the social forums will introduce a shopping turntable along with the conversational chat zones, where people will buy items on their friends' recommendations.

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