An Introduction to React JavaScript

by Dunitz Santrino SEO

 JavaScript – a word that makes developers go crazy. JavaScript aka ECMA Script is a dynamic programming language that helps web browsers communicate with the client side to make task occur smoothly. In technical terms, JavaScript is a scripting language based on prototypes and uses dynamic typing and first-class functions. Many confuse Java with JavaScript. They both are different and have different semantics.  The base of JavaScript is derived from the very old C language, and the design of it is obtained from the Self and Scheme programming languages. There are many versions of JavaScript that have different functions in its core code.


React, commonly called as React.js is an open source JavaScript library. It is used to create a user interface (UI) that focuses mainly on developing single-page applications and is maintained by Facebook, Instagram and by few other individual developers.


Primary use of React JavaScript library:

This most impressive JavaScript was initially launched on 2013, and the stable version of it was launched a couple of months back in May 2015. This library is used mainly for the following reasons

                     Quickly build large applications without any memory lag

                     Simple, declarative and easily composable

                     Uses model view controller software pattern

                     Supports AngularJS conjunction

                     Used with non-UI parts to build web applications


Why React.js?

React JavaScript is slowly catching up the spirits of many developers who mainly focuses on the user interface (UI). React responds in many ways to support the front end developers, and the following is why they choose React.js

                     Best-in-the-class JavaScript for building remarkable user interfaces (UI)

                     Individually has a virtual DOM rather relying on other DOM like browser’s DOM

                     One-way reactive data flow to avoid the lag happened in the traditional data binding


Reasons to take up React.js Tutorial:

Many developers have already started implementing the React.js in their recent web application projects, and here are the reason they love this creative React JavaScript

                     Future of web relies on components, and this JavaScript has a shadow or virtual DOM.

                     Flexible and efficient for any level of developers.

                     Supports the high level of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

                     Special syntax called JSX that helps merge HTML with JavaScript. Creating JavaScript is easier as never before.

                     Main reason is that the major brains of Facebook and Instagram are behind the implementation of React.js


The front-end world is always changing and the use of the React.js is catching up the heat to make the ease of developing user interfaces (UI). If you are interested in furthering your career in the software industry, then sign up for the best react JS tutorials.

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