Amazon Kindle Fire six advantages than the iPad

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Amazon Kindle Fire new Tablet can be the "iPad killer"? Whilst it isn't a better solution, but apparently this is simply not a different vegetarian. In the beginning, it appears to be Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet PC(ZT-180) does not become the iPad killer. If you compare the modern Amazon and Apple Tablet hardware and technical indicators, there is the two almost usually are not comparable. The first generation on the Amazon Kindle Fire furnished with a 7 inch screen and 8G memory, it built with a 10 inch screen, 16G Apple iPad, can be described as very different.

However in fact, they eventually are tablet PCs, meaning that consumers ought to purchase tablet PCs, they might choose from the 2. Financial situation is lower in the truth, persons would consider getting iPad ($499 on sales), and Kindle Fire (199 U.S. dollars, not even half the price tag on the former).So Kindle Fire and how to make a choice from the iPad? Its parameters and performance for users already familiar, however will show you Kindle Fire is superior to the iPad offers several advantages.

First, support for Flash.Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos confirmed Kindle Fire from the speech will support Flash, which many users need this functionality is missing iPad and also the iPhone, Apple's comments within the Flash is "not interested . " We also note that, because Microsoft has revealed Windows 8 Metro won't run Flash, so Flash compatibility Kindle Fire will also beat all of the upcoming release of Microsoft's MID Tablet PC.

Second, less expensive costs.Wifi cheapest version of Apple ipad tablet 2 (non-3G) price up to $499, as you move the cheapest Amazon Kindle Fire $199 (again, without any 3G, Kindle Fire is no 3G version).In comparison to Wifi Edition iPad, the brand new Amazon Kindle Fire $300 cheaper, it were required to allow consumers to reconsider Wifi Edition iPad affordability.

Third, better grip, one hand Hold to reside.Like other previously announced $200-level Android tablet PCs, Kindle Fire also uses a 7 inch screen. Kindle Fire BlackBerry PlayBook mimics is very important of slow-moving product and screen size, 7 inch screen design allows users to easily hold using one hand. The iPad 2 that has a 10 inch screen, I am afraid only of individual basketball players big hands to hold with one hand.

Fourth, the feel with the lighter, portable and convenient.Kindle Fire dimension is less space-consuming than the iPad, the burden lighter than Apple rival. Kindle Fire weighs about 14.6 ounces, more than Apple ipad tablet 21.3 ounces is really a lot lighter, that makes the ease of Amazon's is more prominent.

Fifth, faster page loads.When the new Amazon cloud to accelerate mobile browser Silk performance from the performance is basically like Bezos said, could be easily won if your existing Kindle Fire "the fastest mobile browser" crown. Kindle Fire Silk browser should take care of the job of "one divides into two" large page to load faster: light tasks (such as text) will be straight to your Kindle Fire, and heavy-duty tasks (such as HTML) are going to be handed over to the Amazon EC2 cloud server for processing. Whenever you open an online site, Amazon Silk browser will remember your role frequently visited Website pages and those pages pre-loaded in the clouds.If the technical performance is true, then your Wifi environment, Kindle Fire go to the website (especially the PC version on the full page) of the speed will be really, very quickly.

Sixth, while supporting streaming media and local radio mirror.Apple has acknowledged how the upcoming relieve iOS 5 system update will add wireless image capabilities. Although already recognized, but fear the big event. In the conference, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the Kindle Fire radio show off the mirror, which generally seems to effect real function is extremely seductive. Moreover, you possibly can choose Amazon Prime service, the industry movies online library, using this method, you don't have any third-party applications, wait to purchase any video media, you should have a very secure platform for watching movies aggregation.Okay,you can be aware of result now. This informative article originate from the wholesale electronics shop-, please indicate the cause if retweet,thanks very much!

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