Am I the only one who gets annoyed by unwanted messenger requests?

by Paula van Dun Retired
I am always open for new connections on APSense and other networks; you never know where a new connection may develop in to. By connecting I can see what these contacts are posting in the live feed. If that peaks an interest I will read more after which I will often comment and even check out the program if applicable.

What I dislike is the fact that people where I am only connected to but had no interaction with, contact me through the APSense messenger and want me to visit some affiliate link or like a brand page or facebook page. I do not mind being interrupted in doing what I am doing by people I know well  however requests from people that are complete strangers to visit, like or join something annoy me. Especially when they are very persistent, I had no prior contact them nor saw them commenting on an any of my posts. Sometimes I ask "Why should I?" The answer is usually because "you are my friend".

I have many connections here on APSense and some other networks. A connection is in my opinion not the same as an associate, online acquaintance  and certainly not the same as a friend; I wrote a separate article about that.

I do have the chat messenger on usually because somebody may have a support question or somebody of my friends or associates not on Skype may need a quick response but with the increasing requests for likes I get from strangers I am sometimes tempted to switch it off. I think I am not the only one who get annoyed being approached by strangers to join or like things.

However I am aware that many of them are newbies in the field of social media marketing and do not know the difference between social marketing and social advertising. And that advertising on the wrong time and place does more harm than good. Many are unaware of the fact that they make a bad first impression by posting links and requests in chats and personal messages to people they do not know and have no relation with. So when I am not too busy I try to explain that to them. In most cases they just close the connection and move to the next connection. The few that listen and start reading and education them selves make it rewarding.


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Gautam Jain Advanced  Consultant
Really great article about messenger chat, people usually do such kind of things, so how we can avoid it? Block them or Ignore them? Thanks
Sep 25th 2012 12:53   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
I think that is a personal choice for everybody. And also depending on situation. To avoid it simply set the messenger on offline. I have a passion for social media and like to help others to understand social media marketing and APSense features. APSense is one of the few programs I actively promote next to my own. I see social media and education about the proper way to use social media as seeds in the wind. Many will fall on the rocks or desert and never flourish. A few will fall on fertile ground, will grow and flourish and deliver fruits in the future. Which can be a business-customer relation or develop in in a friendship. I really think there are newbies who want to learn and work but have listened to instructions from 'false gurus' or just interpreted things wrong. I think most of them can achieve results with some guidance.
Sep 25th 2012 17:41   
Nnamdi Agha Magnate II   Internet Marketer
Thanks Paula for this article. I usually ignore them and switch off from the messenger. Many people here do not understand that they are getting on the nerves of others by throwing all manner of links on the faces of strangers, though connected with them at APSense.

Some of us should learn how to behave. The golden rule applies here; do unto others how you want them to do to you (in my own words).
Sep 25th 2012 19:07   
Josh Hennion Professional   Team Leader with S.F.I.
Nice article Paula, I will share it on here. I have also had people come and say hello and then shove a link before my eyes. It is annoying
Sep 25th 2012 19:14   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
Yes many do not understand. Which does not mean that the are not capable to understand. If nobody points out to them that throwing links to strangers is doing more harm than good they will never know. However I also set messenger off when i am very busy.
Sep 25th 2012 19:15   
Kay Brasher Senior   Helping Others On the Road to Success
Yes, Paula that very thing happened to me yesterday. Yesterday someone through me a link in the chat box and asked me to like their brand page. I closed the chat right away. When all we get is a link and they have not even bothered to talk to us it makes me think "hacker". Sorry but, I have seen this happen way too many times to people on other Social Networking sites. Can we be a little more respectful and establish some sort of rapport first, please?
Sep 25th 2012 21:24   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Consistency Marketing, Videos
Personally, I don't mind if they ask for a like for their Brand Page or Facebook Fan Page. It gives me an opportunity to get likes on my own.

As for the ones throwing a referral link right after the contact request was accepted, I tell them that I don't like that, and most of them either apologize, some don't respond. A very few get upset, some of those choose to block me. Since there are close to 200,000 members at APSense and growing by more than 150 every day, it's not like I won't get to grow my network without them. :)
Sep 25th 2012 21:27   
Alba Veira Advanced   Blogger - Social NetWorking
I get annoyed when I get a request to endorse some one or what ever they are promoting! I can't endorse what I don't know! and maybe put my name on the line by some scam site!
Sep 25th 2012 21:44   
Joe Sansoucie Professional   Advertising Your Business Is My Business
@ Philippe - I do something similar, if they want me to like their Brand Page I go look at it first. If there is nothing there I cannot like it because there is nothing to like. If however they are working on it and it has good content and more than just a like score, I will ask them to do a trade. I like yours if you like mine. Sometimes it's a good trade other times well, lol. But if they don't want to work it, I have no reason to work for them, yet.
Sep 26th 2012 14:50   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Consistency Marketing, Videos
I don't look at the Brand Page content. Of course, if it was for sites I don't approve of, sites that might be scams, I won't like them, but members can't really create a Brand Page for that anyway, since they are not owners or admins of such programs.

I want to encourage the creation of Brand Pages, and liking them makes them appear on my news feed, and since I have thousands of contacts at APSense, there might be a slight chance the BP gets some more likes. I know I check a BP that I see on my news feed.
Sep 26th 2012 16:22   
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