Alternative Anxiety Treatment

by John Cigar Article writer
Anxiety can be a crippling illness that affects us far greater than an anxious personality. Much like depression, anxiety can be the cause of individual pain, family strife, school and relationship failure, lost work productivity, withdrawal from social activities, low self-esteem, drug abuse, legal and criminal problems, chronic stress, disturbing thoughts, and even death. Resulting from symptoms like fearfulness, tension, irritability, headaches and stomach aches, panic attacks, negativity, obsession, sadness, low energy, mood swings, irregular sleep and appetite habits, feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and worthlessness, and suicidal thoughts, the weight of anxiety and a number of other disorders can be truly devastating.

It is this strong fear of rock bottom that drives a number of patients suffering from anxiety to seek out professional help early on, typically doing so from a major medical provider. Because most medical plans offer covered or small co-pays and prescription costs, the patient may not even consider seeking another opinion, or alternative treatment types. In these cases, the aide most commonly prescribed comes in the form of medicated treatment-- a prescription for an anti-anxiety pill taken on the regular, to subside and prevent the illness from taking control of a patient’s life. Since the pill is prescribed by the patient’s doctor, few challenge the necessity and ultimately, the consequences of consuming this medicated treatment.

Before signing lives away to lengthy symptoms lists, patients should consider their options, and if right for them, look into anxiety treatment types alternative to traditional medicinal prescriptions. Dosing oneself with a one-size-fits-all pill may seem like an easy solution, but can result in harmful symptoms that replace the one’s they were previously experiencing from anxiety issues. A number of alternative solutions exist to provide patients holistic and drug-free anxiety treatment. Because of individual personality types, backgrounds and experiences, no two cases of anxiety are exactly alike, and anxiety treatment shouldn’t be prescribed as such.

Patients should find the right solution tailored to their own health, interests and needs, and often times a sufferer may find solace in non-traditional anxiety treatment. Innovative steps like SPECT Imaging, anxiety type diagnoses, and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation provide anxiety patients with a non-intrusive path to dealing with their illness and subsiding symptoms. Patients looking for healthy and safe alternatives to medicated treatment can find great success through magnetic sessions focused on the information determined from brain mapping and SPECT imaging. A drug prescription does not have to be the first or only way anxiety treatment to live care free.

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