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Affiliate game change is a new product. Find out exactly what this product is about here. I would like to reveal the product starting from logging into the system. In the members area you will get different tabs with different purposes. There is a software that generates domain names in the four niches of wealth, love, diet, and fitness. After generating the domain you have got to let the software build your affiliate website which will have the unique articles and all other ingredients with it including banner ads for hot selling products.

The website you create is search engine friendly which generates traffic from the popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The articles are related to the domain of your choice and they will be updated every week to keep the website fresh. Then there is traffic training tab where you will see how to generate even more web traffic to those websites. There is two upgrade options which can increase your income to another level. The upgrade of the Social Tornado and T- money is optional which means the main product you buy can give you results but adding the upgrades will speed up things and increases profit.

In general Affiliate game change is a product that helps you generate search engines traffic and make money from the free promotion in the search engines. The search engines has now started to consider social activities in their algorithm which means the more likes and shares your site gets the more exposure it will get in the search engines too. That is because they  consider that if more people share that website then it must have some value and gets favor in the sight of the search engines. As a result your website’s traffic increases. That is why the social tornado will play important role in increasing traffic and income.

We may have tried to make money online before and failed. The main thing is we need to have a working system that can drive targeted traffic and then a converting product to promote. If we work on these two things deligently, we will see results. You also have to note that it takes a little while before you start seeing results as in any other business. Find out more on HERE

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Rich C. Junior  Consultant
If you were ever considering spending money for Affiliate Game Change, or, DON’T!!
It is a complete rip-off, as in… you pay money and you get NOTHING in return. Well, I guess that’s not entirely true. For $47, you get countless new solicitations to spend more money by email, because, despite Jack Stanley telling you that you don’t have to spend anything more than $47, the truth is you have to pay for HIS hosting service if you want a working website. And if you want your website to perform well (make money), you have to spend another $100 on special “extras” that will “super-charge your potential for serious profits”.
You also have to sign up for a ClickBank account. That will set you back another $47… a MONTH!
So if you buy everything he tells you that you need, within hours of signing up, you’re out over $300, plus $47/month for as long as you keep your website.
But wait! There’s more!!
For your $47, you also get countless phone calls from telemarketing companies trying to sell you more stuff. I was getting 6 to 8 calls… PER DAY, EVERY DAY! The calls would start around 8 a.m. and continue until almost 9 p.m. It literally got so bad I had to turn the ringer on my home phone off. This has lasted for months, despite me telling them I am not interested and to take me off their list.
To this day, I never received ANY website from Jack Stanley, working or otherwise. He does not respond to any emails, and there is no phone number to call. Affiliate Game Change is a scam, a rip-off, an outright theft of your time and money.
Do yourself a favor… if you’re thinking of trying this… DON’T!! if you value your time and your money, try something else… ANYTHING ELSE. I wish I had seen a review like this before I wasted mine. Hopefully I can spare you the same fate.
Dec 17th 2013 22:21   
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