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This is a review post about Michael Rasmussen and Mike Mograbi’s new product Affiliate Cash Snipers. Just click the link below if you are looking for:

If you are reading this review, you have probably heard of Affiliate Cash Snipers, and their new program, called Affiliate Marketing 3.0. You might be wondering what all the buzz is about, and why so many people are keen to use this method of online marketing to get sales. Well, this review is here to show exactly what the facts are when it comes to the Affiliate Cash Snipers Program, and whether you should shell out the fifty bucks to add it onto your affiliate marketing methods.

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The Future of Affiliate Marketing

Anyone who is familiar with the state of currently making money on the internet knows that Affiliate Cash Snipers has one thing right. The internet is changing, and websites that stand between the searcher and what they want to find, is going to fall by the wayside. Google is boosting up websites in the SERPS that give searchers what they are looking for, and penalizing sites that stand in the way. This may seem like bad news for the affiliate marketer, but the truth is, it need not be if you change how you do things. The Affiliate Cash Snipers program is one of those changes.

The Author of Affiliate Cash Snipers

MichealRasmussen Affiliate Cash Snipers ReviewIn the introductory video before you buy the product, the speaker, Michael Rasmussen, invited the listener to Google him. I decided to take his advice, because you can tell a whole lot about a person’s credibility by what comes up in the search engines when you type their name. After filtering out the results for a professional bicycle rider and some corporate guy, I was able to find Mr. Rasmussen.

I guess it’s a popular name. He has been responsible for quite a few internet marketing programs and even has a blog that boasts 200,000 readers. I say the guy has some credibility when it comes to internet marketing.

How Affiliate Cash Snipers Works

The program is composed of a piece of software that allows you to change how you offer advertising to the searcher that finds your website. Instead of offering them targeted text ads, which at times can be massively off theiracs Affiliate Cash Snipers Review target, or products that are related to what they are reading, and what they were searching for, you offer them the ability to define exactly what they are searching for. If they want a digital camera, you give them the opportunity to set parameters to find the one they want, and then you take them right to that product, with your affiliate link attached of course.

The program allows you to set up affiliate profiles with Amazon, the Wal-Mart website and with, three of the largest online retailers, responsible for a huge chunk of online product  sales. Then, you design your widget.

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If you haven’t yet checked out the program, then basically, you build a series of filters that differ depending upon what product you are talking about. For instance, for a digital camera, you could use brand, price, megapixels and other specifications. Then, you get the code and begin inserting your affiliate ads where you want to.

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The Bottom Line for Affiliate Cash Snipers

I don’t say this very often when I review internet marketing products, but this is truly a great product, and is a really original idea. It fits in with what I know about where internet marketing is headed in the  future. You have to provide the searcher with what they want or Google will make sure you don’t stand in the way for long. This product will help you keep up with the changing algorithms of Google and with the new slant towards selling real products instead of e-books of affiliate marketing.

Bottom Line: Get it, you won’t regret it.


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