Actors also Supporting the Worlds heaviest Egyptian Woman for Weight Loss Surgery

by Larry Oshiola Medical Consultant


Eman Ahmed Hrithik Roshan’s mother Pinky Roshan donates Rs 10 lakh for her surgery

India as we know has become the prominent place for a number of healthcare services, which certainly include the weight loss surgery. Thanks to the best team comprising of top doctors and Saifee Hospital Mumbai Laparoscopic Surgeon and top level hospitals, more and more global patients are looking for various healthcare services. This has therefore brought forth an interesting case to India in the form of a 36 years old lady called Iman Ahmad Abdulati who's among the heaviest woman in the world to go for the weight loss surgery india seeking the help of the top Saifee Hospital Mumbai Laparoscopic Surgeon called Dr. Lakdawala. The case has been approached to the Mumbai doctor who then tweeted to the External Affair Minister Mrs. Sushma Swaraj telling her the plight of how she was refused a visa by our Indian High Commission. The Minister then reassured the doctor allowing the world’s heaviest lady to get her medical visa to get treated by the said doctor. This decision has been applauded by a number of Bollywood actors as well.

Iman Ahmad Abdulati World’s Heaviest Lady on Earth

World's heaviest woman is a Salman Khan fan

As per reports, the said 36-year-old Egyptian woman is said to be the heaviest lady in the world at 500 kg, or half a ton. She was refused a medical visa to India for medical treatment, until her doctor made her case to the notice of the minister. Dr. Muffi Lakdawala, a known Saifee Hospital Mumbai Laparoscopic Surgeon in Mumbai has been pursuing the case. Considering the medical emergency, the minister has allowed the visa for the world’s heaviest lady to get treated on time. She is now flying on an air cargo flight, which is being arranged by the Egyptian government as she is the resident of this place. So, she lands up at the lands of Mumbai, she starts her treatment procedure then and there with series of weight loss surgery india being carried out seeking the help of the top Saifee Hospital Mumbai Laparoscopic Surgeon. The doctor has assured for a positive result and one can expect a drastic weight loss by the lady with the treatment being carried out in the Mumbai hospital with the weight loss surgery india. Considering the positive steps carried out by the Minister, many Bollywood actors too supported her move which allows the world’s heaviest lady to get treated.

How she will be treated?

Iman's Treatment by Dr. Muffi Lakdawala at known Saifee Hospital Mumbai India

Before she landed Mumbai, many wondered as to how the lady would be treated by Saifee Hospital Mumbai Laparoscopic Surgeon. How weight loss surgery and other treatment would be carried out by the doctor. As per Dr. Lakdawala, she will be prepared for the weight loss surgery india which will be carried out within a month. The doctor has put her on a special high protein diet at home before she comes to Mumbai for the weight loss surgery india. This has helped her lose 25 kgs in two weeks. In Mumbai, she will be supervised for the high-protein low-carb ketogenic-like diet, which will force her body to lose weight by burning the fats rather the carbohydrates, which will also help the kidneys to flush out the excess amount of fluids that is collected in her subcutaneous skin and tissue. As per the Saifee Hospital Mumbai Laparoscopic Surgeon, she will be closely monitored to lose around 2 kgs on a daily basis, which will bring down the weight to 70 to 80 kgs before the surgery.

Wrapping up

With this weight loss surgery and treatment to lose around 400 kgs of weight, the well known Saifee Hospital Mumbai Laparoscopic Surgeon gets another big achievement in his career. And the best part is a lady who has been suffering from her exceedingly overweight of 500 kgs will get life, which is being supported by many Bollywood actors. 

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