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Health & Wellness and Weight Loss Products 

 My business story

I have never dreamed to be in sales or a network marketing business ever. 

It was not until a very good friend from Las Vegas and another from one from Florida introduced me to Qivana.

The first one having his daughters life and afterwards his own saved after furious years of illness, pain and other diseases with Q.

The second good friend of mine after visiting a chiropractor who also practiced alternative medicine to help him with an illness that 10 months of prescription medicines were not helping.

Then I started to taste and experience by myself what they recommended me.

I must confess and tell that I had personally big problems after a very tragic handcut three years ago and chirurgical interventions which also finally leaded to give up my career at BMW scientific researches & developments as an engineer.

Within just a few weeks these products had not only helped the illness, all symptoms had disappeared! I was literally sold on the products and began reading and learning more about Qivana and the executive team and doctors behind it. I new right away that I not only wanted to be a part of Qivana, but I also had a moral obligation to share these products with others who could benefit from them and let them know they had the best options when it comes to their health.

I am very passionate about what I do and I believe when I speak to others personally and/or in written forms, they sense that it is this passion that drives me and that I believe in these products.

I am a distributor to businesses such as day spas, fitness centers, chiropractors and practitioners who would like to use these products in their business or practice by buying well below wholesale and to sell retail in their business or practice. In addition, I help others build their own business by becoming a Qivana IBO and distributor. We are currently in US, Canada, Mexico and Vietnam and GERMANY and in the very early stages of pre-launch in Italy, Austria and of course worldwide.

We are only two years old and growing very fast. Qivana adds a new country each year actually and a new product to each country each year. We will be adding Thailand, Brazil and the UK within the next two years and will be world-wide soon. &

What i bring to the table to make a cross marketing partnership a success … I have been privileged in my career to be employed by several very successful and well managed companies. I have worked with some of the brightest and most talented coworkers imaginable. I also worked personally very hard and convinced on improving my knowledge by reading, talking and learning from the most best consultants/coaches on this planet. I like to think I have taken the highest value from each to create a firm foundation from which to build my business. My years of hungry readings and relationships have given me a wealth of experience in every facet of running a business. I have the confidence, motivation and determination to succeed in this business venture because I believe in the product and company (Qivana) but most importantly, because I believe in myself.

I am interested in cross marketing with: Practioners, Marketing Professionals, Advertising professionals, Holistic professionals, Event Specialist and Organizers, Business Consulting Services and any other srious motivated person etc.

Purchase My Products to improve your … weight goals and correct your metabolism and for a comprehensive approach to health and wellness.

When you understand the scientific depth of the Metaboliq System, it is clear that  there is no comparison. Losing weight is more than just shedding unwanted pounds – it is about losing the right weight the right way. When you begin to understand the comprehensive nature and scientific depth of the Metaboliq System, it is clear there is no competition. Doing weight loss right and correct your metabolism, Metaboliq stands alone. There is only one system that can correct your metabolism.

The METABOLIQ SYSTEM has been 30 years in the making. It is the collaboration of the best of nutritional research and quality ingredients from the acknowledged industry leaders.

Nutrition & Weight Loss Shakes contain the optimal metabolic balance of quality proteins, potassium, calcium, essential amino acids, fiber, Qivana’s smart carbohydrate blend and the healthy fats you need to maximize fat burning. Specifically developed to help you energize your lean muscles to burn only body fat and rapidly stabilze your blood sugar, while reducing cravings and eliminating hunger pangs. Our shakes contain 29g protein and our Leucine is GRAS certified. Sweetened with Stevia.

Protein Bars with 18g Protein are made with Qivana’s high-quality protein blend and macronutrients for a perfect snack.

Infusions Reds & Greens (Super fruits and vegetables) including Green Tea Extract, Chlorella and Spirulina, all natural ingredients, gluten free and no preservatives.

Boost (B-Vitamins, Decaffeinated Green Tea, Micro-Enrobed Capsicum Annuum Extract, L-Carnitine) to boost your metabolism naturally.

Resist Mint contains Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf. It blocks sugar receptors on your tongue, repress powerful sweet cravings, blocking sugar absorption to the intestinal tract.

Metaboliq is the healthy approach to weight management; backed by credentialed experts, proven science, clinically tested and real results.

The QORE Products

Qivana has taken the best of science and nature to maximize health and longevity by developing a three-part system which will work synergistically to stabilize, vitalize and optimize your body.

First, Stabilize your system with our Probiotic.

All of your systems are directly or indirectly affected by your digestive system. The digestive system’s main role is to extract energy and nutrients from food. These functions are compromised, however, when there is a lack of healthy intestinal bacteria. Many people suffer from an imbalance and don’t even realize it.

Second, Vitalize your body.

Once you have stabilized your body, you can begin to energize it. Qivana set out to find ingredients that would help combat stress and strengthen your cardiovascular system. Essentials, a proprietary blend of herbs, includes the Immortality Herb (Gynostemma Pentaphyllum), Chinesse Skullcap, and White Korean Gensing.

Qore Essentials supports healthy cardiovascular function, increases energy and protects against stress and fatigue, helps maintain healthy colesterol levels within a normal range, supports healthy liver, immune and proper cellular function. Qivana’s proprietary Direct-Dissolve system takes precious wild-crafted nutrients, micro-encapsulating them by creating an unique way for your body to more quickly receive the amazing benefits of this life changing formula.

Third, Optimize the body’s performance with Qore Detox and Defense.

It’s necesary to routinely rid the body of heavy metals and to fortify the immune system.

Qore Defense is a gournd breaking product, made with ingredients clinically proven to activate, support and boost immune system function with daily use. Scientist have identified medicinal properties in over 3,000 different species of mushrooms.

PRIME Nitric Oxide Activator – Many N-O products took L-Arginine as their primary N-O boosting ingredient, yet scientists estimate that as much as 50% of the N-O in the body comes from sources other than L-arginine. The body’s process of converting L-arginine to N-O is complex and requires several different molecules to be present in order for completion. Studies have also shown that the body’s ability to convert L-arginine to N-O decreases as you age. Qivana’s PRIME Nitric Oxide Activator is unique because PRIME doesn’t rely entirely on L-aginine. PRIME utilizes several different mechanisms and pathways to ensure the body is able to restore optimal levels of N-O.

  • Improves circulation – sends a signal for arteries to relax and expand
  • Maintains healthy blood pressure levels
  • Combats premature cardiovascular aging
  • Improves sexual function
  • Supports brain cell communications, memory and healthy cognition

My top 3 Products & Services


Practitioner Packs for retail use in businesses and by health care providers
Total Health Care Pack – Qore System (Probiotic and Essentials) and the Metaboliq Burn System (30 day supply of Shakes, Boost and Resist and 15 protein bars) and 15 – Infusions Reds and 15 – Infusion Greens
Metaboliq Max Burn (45 shakes, 15 protein bars, 30 day supply of boost and resist).


Helping personal businesses and practitioners as a distributor by offering Practitioner and Metaboliq retail packages for their retail use.

Help interested individuals start and build their own Qivana business.


"At MWGBC, we think that what you say - your message - is at your core.
PR, reputation management, marketing, branding, social media, lobbying, web design, adverts, presentations, speeches, exhibitions and campaigns are all important, and we can help with all of them. But they are a product of your message corelated to your exclusive products you offer and they must all be consistent with it.
Messages and exclusive products comes first and matters most. That’s what we do.
That’s what makes us unique."

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Contact: Marius Wlassak - Q

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