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Commonest type of kidney stone is calcium oxalate, these are hard and solid mass due to increased levels of cystine, oxalate, calcium and phosphate and low water intake. Excess of oxalate in urine lead to Calcium oxalate stones. Oxalate is present in a number of food items, our body excrete waste product through kidney, but if the concentration of waste is very high as compare to liquid, that leads to crystal formation- slowly slowly these crystals form solid mass known as kidney stone. If the quantity of oxalate is very high with very less liquid, then oxalate crystals bind itself to calcium leading to calcium oxalate stones.

Risk for calcium oxalate stones?

Low water intake- dehydration

A diet rich in: Protein, Oxalate, Salt, Sugar.


Medical conditions like:

Dent Disease


Inflammatory Bowel Disease:Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease

As per research papers submitted by Dr.Abhishek, people suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease have higher chances of Kidney stones, as in Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease

the fat absorption is disturbed, fat get itself binds to calcium leaving behind oxalate, this is then absorbed and passed to kidney, where it may form crystals to form calcium oxalate stones

How to avoide calcium oxalate stones formation?

Drink Good quantity of fluids. As per Dr.Abhishek, an adult should drink at least 3.5-4 litter of per day, if a person drink good quantity of water it helps to flush out the waste product from our body effectively. It keeps the body body glowing and hydrated. Further due to high water intake probability of crystal formation is least.

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Avoid eating high protein diet.

Reduce salt intake

Take correct quantity of calcium in diet:- There’s is misconnect, avoid calcium to avoid kidney stone formation, as per Dr.Abhishek we must take right quantity of calcium in our diet so that, this calcium can bind with oxalate in the gastrointestinal track before the waste proceed to kidney. Hence eating right quantity of calcium is the best way to eliminate oxalates from the body- Prevention of Kidney stone. As per Dr.Abhishek we should strictly avoid calcium supplements, instead of that we should rely on natural source of calcium.

High vitamin C may lead to high level of oxalate in the urine, avoid vitamin C supplements.

Consume food low in oxalate:Few foods rich in oxalate:



Chocolate soy milk

Buckwheat flour

Sesame seeds

Swiss chard, etc

Best Homeopathic Medicine for Calcium-Oxalate Kidney stone

  1. Argentum nit.:- Patient complaint of dull aching pain in bladder region, due to kidney stone. Dark urine due to presence of epithelial cells, blood or croc acid. One of the best homeopathy medicine for Nephritic colic, where patient frequently passes very less quantity of urine with burning pain.
  2. Belladonna:- Patient complaint of sudden, sharp, shooting pain in urethra. Patient complaint of sudden pain and sudden relief from pain. All the complaints accompanied with redness, and thriftlessness.
  3. Benzoic acid:- Dark urine with cadaverous odour. Alternate clear and thick like pea-soup. Profuse urination ameliorate other complaints. Other good Homeopathic medicine for nephritic colic.
  4. Berberis Vul:- "Top homeopathy medicine for renal stone"

Shooting pain, radiates from kidney n urethra region to whole abdomen. Motion aggravates the pain, pressure relief to some extend. Pain run up and down to kidney into the bladder.

Burning soreness in lumbar region, urine turbid, copious and slow to flow, with constant desire.

5.Calcarea carb:- Fat, fair, chilly patient, with complaint of profuse sweating from feet, face and head. Desire foe eggs.

6.Cantharis:- One of the best homeopathy medicine for renal colic. Patient complaint of lancinating pain as if stabbing from knife. Great tenesmus with burning pain while urination, patients gets relief if he can pass few drops of urine. Untolerable urging before, during and after urination. Best Homeopathic Clinic In NCR

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