About Acetabular Cup in Hip Replacement Surgery and other Orthopaedic Surgeries

by Tarun Yadav Sr. Seo Excutive

One of the most common orthopaedic surgeries that is performed these days is the hip replacement surgery. In most of the cases, because of arthritis, patients are in need of hip replacement. Hip replacement is generally of two types: complete and partial. Depending on the case, a complete or a partial replacement is done.

Hip replacement may also be needed if a person has a major accident and his or her hip or a part of it is severely damaged, then a hip replacement is recommended too. A hip replacement is done using a bipolar prosthesis. Is case of a total hip replacement, the femoral head is replaced with hemiarthroplasty along with the acetabulum. It is one of the most common orthopaedic surgeries, but patient satisfaction varies a lot. The acetabular cup is used widely in hip replacements, both partial and complete

The acetabular cup is the part that is placed into the hip socket or the acetabulum. At first, the cartilage bones are removed from the hip socket and then the cup is attached using a cementing material. All the materials that are used in orthopaedic surgeries are non-reactive. The patient is first tested for that. If the patient is sensitive to one material, a different one is used. Usually, this cup is made out of a single piece ultra high molecular weight polyethylene or a certain metal. But the former material is more widely used since lesser number of patients are sensitive to it. There is a pours coating that allows the implant to be fixed and allows bone to further grow into it.

Another less common joint replacement surgery is the shoulder joint replacement. It is not as popular as knee replacement or hip replacement. However, it is still successful when it comes to relieving joint pain. In such a surgery, prosthesis is used. The bones of the shoulder joint are removed and are substituted with prosthesis. It can also be complete or partial. Generally, the bones that are substituted by shoulder prosthesis are the scapula bone, and the glenoid.

Shoulder Prosthesis might be required in a number of cases including accidents, chronic shoulder pain and disability. There is always the wear and tear of muscles and bones due to age. As the bones’ softness get reduced over time, they become more prone to wear and tear. Over time the joint becomes stiff and painful. During such times, a prosthesis is recommended. Osteoarthritis is a very common reason why shoulder replacement is needed and there is no way to prevent it.

In very rare cases, especially in cases of accidents, there is damage to the orbital plate that needs to be supplanted. The orbital is the horizontal part of the frontal bone or the pars orbitalis that consists of two thin triangular plates. When the orbital plate is fractured, it may lead to distorted vision or loss of vision. It may also lead to the leakage of CSF and cause seizures. Acrylic implants are used to fix the bone.

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