A New Year brings a new years resolution and will power is your best friend.

by Ken ***
What is your new years resolution?
Have you thought about it?
Have you said forget about it i don't do new years resolutions?
or simply find it too hard to do?

Often many people leave resolutions unfulfilled...
why does this happen?
It could be making unrealistic resolutions 
so when those goals aren't achieved 
as fast as they like they give up.

Keep in mind any progress is good progress.
Every time you spend on your goal you are winning the moment.
Simple little battles like saying i'm going to go walking today
even if it is not running is OK you are striving towards your goal.

Push yourself a little harder each day test yourself to see
how far you can go when you feel inspired.  
Often when you think you can't go any further 
You really can go much further..

Believe in yourself and tap into the infinite supply of energy
that is inside of you.  Maybe your goals are much different 
than working out maybe you want to write more?

I know i want to be more proactive in writing..
I look at my blog and so wow it has been a whole week
since i wrote anything there.  

Here again just like all things it is about beginning it 1st
you will be surprised how much you can accomplish just
by starting. Of course the main goal is to finish and
trust me after writting some good material you are going to 
want to complete your piece.  

I just created a new group in Apsense 
it is called the free affiliate exchange were
we can swap ideas with one another your welcome to join.

Follow me on twitter!/TurnRichcom

and my blog that i'm looking to improve as a new years resolution

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Brian Hawkins Senior   Consultant, Blogger and great guy
A lot of people feel new year's resolutions are a waste of time because most people give up on them after a week but I think it's important to just keep working at it. If everyone stopped trying because of a few setbacks no one would ever quit smoking, drinking, over eating etc..

It looks like you've been working that Twitter acct. for a while. I followed as Try to follow back soon because it will drop everyone that doesn't follow back in a few days. Nice article, I'll check the group out.
Dec 29th 2011 06:29   
Robert J. Magnate I   Marketer
Thanks for my first injection of get it together for the new year. :-)
Dec 29th 2011 06:36   
Bob Jackson Innovator   Web Marketing
Nice work ...
Dec 29th 2011 06:43   
Lily Smith Advanced  Digi-Seller
Don't give up on your goals and dreams. It is good to take advice from other people, but most of the time in the business world you are on your own. Thanks for sharing!
Dec 29th 2011 06:48   
Marvin Whitehead Jr. Magnate I   Internet Marketer
Andrew good information for everyone that do New Year resolutions I found that most people don't really keep them I just have a small list and make it happen:))))))
Dec 29th 2011 07:25   
stacy d. Innovator  Business Owner
Very nice article.... My resolution is to make happy all my friends because friends are very precious in my life.
Dec 29th 2011 08:34   
Chanraem P. Advanced  teacher
Very nice, thank you.
Dec 29th 2011 08:40   
Mohammed Ashfaq Committed   eMarketer Graphics Designer
My resolution to make Start new year pray to GOD.
Dec 29th 2011 09:11   
Mohammed Ashfaq Committed   eMarketer Graphics Designer
Start new year to pray God
Dec 29th 2011 09:12   
Ken Professional    ***
I have a few other simple resolutions.. Drink more tea and water less coffee and sugar..
Like Mohammed i seek a closer relationship with god..Also To be more Aware of my breathing
with deeper breathes..A few years ago i quit smoking as a new years resolution and to
this day haven't had any urge to pick one up i am so grateful to break that habit.
I quit Cold turkey Brian D i'm following you back on twitter...
Dec 29th 2011 09:40   
Oswald Rodrigues Professional
Mine is to build a bigger list.
Dec 29th 2011 09:55   
Shahzada Usman Professional   Embroidery Designer
Nice Work dear
Dec 29th 2011 10:31   
Malik Jasmin Freshman  
good work
Dec 29th 2011 14:53   
Humph S. Junior  Trekking The Globe's Site And Places
Very well said Andrew! In line with the new year resolutions I will attempt to apply the 3 social "C"s, Compassion, Consideration, and Cooperation in all my 2012 personal and business relationships!
Dec 29th 2011 14:55   
Shahid Mahmood Committed   Shopping & Reviews,Computers,Business
this is a very good work. i like it.
Dec 29th 2011 15:13   
Shahid Mahmood Committed   Shopping & Reviews,Computers,Business
Don't give up on your goals and dreams. It is good to take advice from other people, but most of the time in the business world you are on your own. Thanks for sharing!
Dec 29th 2011 15:14   
Warren Contreras Magnate I   Ordinary Guy
I haven't quite finished working on the ones I set last year, I still have a few days left.
Dec 29th 2011 15:37   
Collette Johnson Professional   Collette's Naturals
Nice article and one that I think we all can take a little from to apply in our personal and business lives
Dec 29th 2011 16:11   
Salvatore Cannavo Innovator   libero professionista guadagni per tutta la vita iscriviti gratis
Dec 29th 2011 16:48   
Chiks Miller Advanced  Web Marketing
Good things to known here.
Dec 30th 2011 01:21   
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