A New war strategy

by Khalid Khan Welcome to my home
I think, the American's public have not enough time, neither their members of congree and members of the senate and neither their president gets is such 
a time of period. They consider on this realistic, that human or group of human being, why not  be so poweful. They can not become God. They try to become god or his immense power they, they express a humanity of may coming down of levels.
They could have destroyed human vaues, but never can made god. Becase god is a biggest judge, they does not oppress.
Mr George Washington who was the first president of U,S, and Mr Abraham Lincoin who was a great president of America. 
They have a big struggle for the dignity of the human spirt, Abraham Lincoin's even gave up his life, A extremist American they killed. America has worked hard about devlopment of high human values of freedom and promote human rights.
But after second world war, which goverments come into power, they have  name of democracy and humanity spread chaotic 
around the world. Their own wish to other nations impose on the process of the human spirt's crushed.
In punisher centers of Abu-ghrab in which have been barbaric of prsecution, they have written a new history of oppression and violence and when the black featsof guantana muby have surfaced, therefore american civil society has become a symbol of 
shame. American pulic is demanding about U,S forces retun from Afghanistan and Iraq and his president thinking that more 
army be sent. Rather they having already defeated army. Afghan taiban are control has on two-third Afghanistan and Nato forces has failed to defeat them, and and they have acknowledged by himself. The American president Obama had during own 
election compaigns the change slogan, but since they assumes a presidency, but change we does not find for away and they 
have likewise former U.S, president Bush junior of policy is pressed, they have some going on president bush is footsteps .
Those peoples are seenig is currennt situation. They are syas that, the current president's policies has American pulic suffered from depressed and frustrated. The U,S, goverment's decision are creating instability in south Asia. 
They have try to making a risk Pakistan's neghbor india for us, so india could increase pressure on Pakistan. India has in psychologically fear condition as to us. As U,S, and Nato counties is warching to wondered to popularity of Pakistan's army
and this popularity are also recognizing and that everything has against these expectations. There for india is feeling a risk to us.
It's absolutely clear that,  the Israeli defence field helping to India by willing is America and they have wish to do, Pakistan has been doing to make a failed state.
 We should remember must that, India with Isreal been subtracted defense contract. Israel providing the 2.5 of defense weapons to India. This agreement began in july 2007. It was 13,December commonly everywhere that story, The india has successfully tested Dinys missile. A one side America wanted to drop on the war to Pakistan in northem area and on other hand, they have supporting to enemy country of Pakistan for make strong and powerful. India is very quickly expanding, their naval powr and this attempts with America, Israel and Russia are help him. The against Pakistan conspiring of forcs want it, 
India made it a mini superpower. At rhis time Pakistan does not have another option, except that they strengthen their nave power. If Pakistan does not immediately pay attention to this side, so as nuclear power be ineffective. It will be useless if we keep any expect from America. China can only help us in this way and they even doing. Our rulers should understand that at this time Pakistan is a supreme position right now. Our army has got in successfully in Swat and Fata. This is a moment.
Our government may make it cash and we can dictate to America to own point. It is time to a speak categorically, that America together with India do not try to destabilize us. If America makes risks for Pakistan. Then Pakistan also can be over cooperations with U,S,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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