7 Reasons Why Skylights Will be the New Big Thing in the Lighting Sector

by Mickie Thomas Skylights Los Angeles 

Skylights are lighting structures used since the Roman times. Traditional skylights were mere openings in the ceiling of the places which allowed sunlight to enter and illuminate the whole place. They were daylighting structures as they could not be used during the night.

It does seem as an advancement in technology to have openings in the ceiling but modern skylights are way too different than the traditional ones.

Modern structures can be installed where traditional ones or windows cannot be installed, adding a new use to it. The two major types of structures include roof skylight, which are installed in broader places and tube skylights, which are installed in narrower places. The privacy option that it offers is skylight shades, which are installed in bathrooms and bedrooms to add privacy to the whole place.


A few reasons why Skylights will be the new big thing in lighting sector are as follows:

·        Eco-friendly

The biggest sell of Skylights is the fact that it is eco-friendly i.e. it causes no pollution and uses (exploits) no energy which adds to the need of saving the environment. Pollution levels and environmental conditions are off the charts which states the need for environment-friendly solutions for the daily-use products such as lighting. The levels will increase more in a few years which will create a need for skylights even more to avoid wasting energy on lighting where skylights can be used and the environment can be benefitted.

·        Saves Money

As mentioned above, skylights use no electrical energy. Thus, it reduces the electricity bills severely and allows the individual to spend the saved amount in more productive areas. Even though, skylights structures are expensive in the start, but it costs less in the long run when it is noticed that electricity bills are reduced and other skylight benefits.

·        Improves mood

Studies have shown that natural light not only saves money, but also improves the mood of the individual. It creates a positive environment for individuals to feel good about everything which not only improves his mood but also leads to the next point.

·        Enhances creativity and productivity

Studies have also shown that with improved mood, productivity and creativity is also enhanced. It is obvious that individuals like to do work when they are in a good mood. Skylights offer good mood which affects the productivity in a very positive way. It is likely to make the individual more creative and willing to take challenges and achieve success.

·        Can be installed where windows or traditional ones cannot be installed

Traditional skylight structures cannot be installed everywhere and same is the case with windows. To provide lighting in such areas, modern skylight structures come to the aid and allows the individual to not only make the place more architecturally sound, but also lighten up the place with natural light.

·        Enables a connect to the Nature

Modern skylights allow sunlight to enter and lighten up the place, which allow individuals to connect with the Mother Nature and feel good. They feel that they are also contributing towards the environment by saving electricity.

·        Cools down the place

Modern structures come with many features like temperature control, hurricane resistant glass and rain sensors et-cetera. It eliminates the need for fans and air conditioners as it naturally cools down the place and provides a relatively cooler environment.


Save the Environment

There is not just one type of product which saves the environment, rather a million. Individuals need to understand the need to save the environment by using as many eco-friendly products as possible and encourage the use which will also provoke companies to develop new ones.

A single step can inspire a million more.

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