6 Things To Look For When Buying Used Bicycles

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If you’ve decided to buy a bicycle but don’t have the hundreds of dollars they cost to pay for a new one, then you may want to consider used bicycles in Dublin. When you hear the term “used”, you may automatically think of something that is in bad condition and has been discarded by a previous owner because it can’t perform anymore. However, while this may be true with some items, it is not true of used bicycles.

When someone donates or sells used bicycles to a bicycle shop in Dublin, the shop workers will only accept bicycles that are already in good working condition or can be repaired to be in good working condition. In fact, bike shops will often refurbish used bicycles completely before they hit the selling floor. What this means is that you can end up with a bicycle that rides great for a cheap price.

As always, there are things to consider when buying used items in Ireland. Here are 6 things to consider when buying used bicycles:

1.    Condition

Even if a bike shop repairs a used bicycle before reselling it, it still will be a used bicycle, and the condition will vary from bike to bike. You must think about what condition you will be satisfied in before checking out used bicycles. Although damaged tires, pedals and steering handles will typically be fixed before being sold, cosmetic issues like dents, scratched, fading of colour and bent spokes may be present.

If you won’t be happy with a used bicycle with visible damage, then you may have to search a little harder to find one in better condition. However, if you don’t care what used bicycles look like as long as it is in good riding condition, then your search will be a whole lot easier.

2.    Price

There is no denying that all used bicycles are competitively priced compared to new bicycles. Although, prices can vary depending on the condition of used bicycles and the amount of work that was put into them. For example, bikes in poor visual condition will be the cheapest available. Although they will ride well, they won’t fool anyone into thinking they are new.

Likewise, used bicycles that are in great visual condition, void of any major cosmetic issues, will be priced the highest. However, they will still be much cheaper than brand new bikes because they are considered to be in used condition. If money is an issue, your best bet may be to choose a bike with a few cosmetic imperfections.

3.    Size

Even if the price is right, don’t consider used bicycles that aren’t the correct size for you. If you are 6 feet tall, don’t buy a bike with a 15 inch frame; and if you are just over 5 feet tall, steer clear of the 19” inch frame used bicycles. If you buy the wrong size for your body, not only will it be uncomfortable to ride but it can also increase you risk of injury.

Always try a bike out to make sure it is a good fit. Make any adjustments that may make it more comfortable such as adjusting the seat or lowering the pedals. If it feels off, then move on to the next one. Don’t feel you have to settle just because you are considering used bicycles.

4.    Type

Not all used bicycles are created equal. Different bicycle styles serve different purposes. Think about how you plan to primarily use the bike: will it be for commuting to work, school or to just get around Dublin? Perhaps you will be using it as a form of exercise? Or maybe you want a bike that you can get adventurous with and ride on rugged terrain.

Once you know how you plan on using it, you can focus your search on a certain type of used bicycles such as mountain bike, BMX or a simple riding bike. You can also think about what colour bike you would prefer but that would limit your search even more. However, if you know that you definitely won’t be happy with a red bicycle then let the bike shop workers know that upfront.

5.    Warranty

Reputable bike shops in Dublin will typically offer a short warranty on their used bicycles. A 1 month warranty to cover necessary repairs is common and provides confidence in the quality of their used bicycles. This gives great peace of mind for customers who are worried that a used bicycle may not be in as good condition as it looks.

If something happens after you take it home and you are still within the warranty period, you can take it back to the bike shop who sold it to you and get the repair fixed. If it is something that cannot be fixed or that may be too expensive to fix, they may even refund your money.

6.    Buy-Back Policy

Some bike shops in Dublin offer a buy-back policy which says that they will buy back used bicycles purchased at their shop for a certain percentage of the sales price. Often, this amount is 50% of what you paid. So if you bought your used bicycle for 60, they will buy it back from you for 30. This is a great added benefit especially if you are buying a used bicycle just until you can save up enough money to purchase a new one. Furthermore, with a buy-back policy, you can rest easy when purchasing used bicycles because if you end up not loving it, you can sell it back to the bike shop and recoup half of your costs.

In the end, buying used bicycles is a great way to get a bike for a cheaper price. While buying new bicycles comes with some perks, buying used bicycles comes with their own perks, too. You may not have a shiny bike with all the bells and whistles, but you will have a bike that gets you where you need to go and keeps more money in your pocket.

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