4 Week Workout Routine For All Beginners

by Parry Joeperia Health & Fitness Trainer

When it comes to training for physical fitness and conditioned body, there are workout guidelines that works perfectly well for everyone. As a beginner or a newbie in this field of physical fitness, workouts, training and so on it is important to employ the best beginner workout routines that will ensure best results. This article outlines a 4 week workout routine for newbies who would love to achieve, full body split, high frequency, low volume and much more.

Week one is also described as whole in one. During this time, focus is on training for a full body split. It involve exercising all the major body parts at least in every workout you undertake. Set aside training days during this week and also resting days because the body after hard work need to recuperate. In this first week of beginner workout routines, it is only required of the trainee to perform just one workout for each of the body parts for each session of training. You can train on the odd days of the week (that is Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and rest on the even days of the week (that is Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday)

During the second week, training is focused on split decision. Here different body parts can be trained on different days but what must be ensured training split of 2-days each. Unlike week one, this time you have to train the whole body in just two days. Take four days of the week training with a 2-days split that is Monday/Thursday for the upper body and Tuesday/Friday dedicated for the lower body. Each and every body part has to be trained twice. Beginner workout routines recommend that the remaining days (that is Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday) be left for the body to recover from the hard training.

Now if you were a newbie, this is your third week. The training plan is now stepped up to three-days training split. All the pushing body parts such as triceps, chest and shoulders are trained as a whole. The pulling body parts like the biceps and back are trained as a whole on the first day of week three. On day two, focus on glutes, hamstring and calves – these are lower body parts. Now like week two, it is advisable to train each of the body parts twice. This week is a little tough as only Sunday is left for the body to recuperate. 

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