3D rendering techniques for better real estate marketing

by Graham Smith Business Development Manager

Real estate marketing is a unique proposition altogether and the dawn of 3D rendering has changed the way people see and react to it. 3D rendering can provide realistic visualizations of properties and the surroundings of a property in the most convincing ways to the prospective customers. Since people started responding well to the visualization of the properties, it has become a norm to take advantage of the unique technology. In order to provide the best user-experience for the customers, 3D rendered imagery of the properties are extensively used. In fact, the benefits of 3d rendering in real estate are amazing.

Why has 3D rendering become the most preferred in real estate marketing?

There are several factors that can be attributed as the reasons for realtors preferring 3D rendering as their prime tool to market their properties and convert their prospects to buyers. However, following are the major reasons that have helped 3D rendering assume the role it dons now in real estate marketing.

It being an immersive technology

It means that the prospective buyers are able to understand the utilities that 3D rendering carribe with it. Through 3D animation walkthroughs, realtors can understand how powerful 3D can be when used creatively in helping their customers get a clearer and better understanding of the property they are about to purchase. It can also help the clients understand how a project under construction would look like after construction and it is easier to convince the clients with a 3D rendered image. In the older days, realtors had to make do with hand-drawn presentations to convince clients into buying and now, it is the time for technologies to take the driver’s seat.

Efficient in saving time and money

It reduces the time required to produce models and drawings without sacrificing the quality of the final product. The images produced or created in this are of high quality, detailed and effectively convincing for anyone seeing the same. 3D rendering techniques can provide for a rare co-existence of quantity and quality, which is a rarity in itself in businesses. As it takes less time to convince buyer into making the buying decision, clients and realtors can easily move onto the next stages of discussion without having to linger on non-productive and zero-value-adding discussions. This can save immense amount of time, money and effort for all the parties involved.

Integrated and comprehensive

It is not confined to provide convincingly excellent imagery alone, but it is also highly incorporable with other utilities as well. 3D visualization walkthroughs can be repurposed and tested for real-life environment for greater utilities such as planning and management. Most of the programs offer various tools and benefits to track through various stages of construction and deliver reports to the clients about the progress of construction from time to time. This versatility and flexibility is what made 3D rendering the technology that real estate has been waiting for.

It is not only about show off

It is understandable that 3d visualization and rendering services from expert companies have been extensively used to make visually stunning imageries to convince and support clients in taking quicker buying decisions. However, the actual benefits of a 3D rendering go well beyond this superficial level. The details and dimensions provided in the rendered image are specific to the smallest detail possible. The angles and the details of the corners are scaled down from the actual values making it all the more realistic. And hence, helping the customers  understand how the final product would look exactly like. In a nutshell, a 3D rendered image is the most accurate depiction of a scaled down property with all its unique values.

It holds the key to the future of real estate

With all these benefits listed above, it is not difficult to understand why 3D rendering has become the phenomenon it has become in the recent past. The demand for 3D rendering services has increased steadily as more customers demand to see the 3D rendered images of the properties they are interested in purchasing.  The demand would not wane away as more realtors understand the unique value these renderings can add to their properties and to their customers as well. As one can see, the benefits and value addition of this is too immense to ignore. The growth of the same is well-founded and carefully studied to ensure that it is able to deliver the results that it claims to deliver.

It can be assured that with the further growth of technology and real estate marketing requirements, 3D rendering is here to stay and it will sure to be a strong element helping the customers make intelligent purchasing decisions.

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