Swelling Feet - Causes And Home Remedies

by Jeramey Thompson
Swelling feet is an annoying problem with many. It hinders day to day life and makes one feel really uncomfortable. It is medically termed as edema. Fluid collects in the fatty tissues under skin and makes the feet swollen. The swelling usually takes place on the upper part of the feet and around ankles. The tissues bloat due to excessive fluid accumulation, making the skin on the feet tight and stretched. If one pokes the swollen portion of the foot with a finger, one will notice a hollow-type impression on the foot which remains for a while. When something goes wrong with your system and body cannot eliminate excess fluid, edema occurs. Swelling feet may signal mild to highly dangerous systemic disorders. Therefore one cannot afford to ignore it. Some of the causes of swelling feet may be listed as follows:

1. Kidney disease
2. Congestive heart failure
3. Nerve circulatory problem
4. Cancer
5. Protein deficiency
6. Potassium and Vitamin B
7. Presence of bacterial toxins
8. Leaky capillary walls
9. Obesity
10. Over-exertion
11. Sodium retention
12. Arthritis
13. Frost bite
14. Pregnancy
15. Hypothyroidism
16. Anemia
17. Varicose veins
18. Standing for long hours
19. Pre-menstrual syndrome
20. Oral contraceptive pills
21. Allergic reactions
22. Inappropriate footwear.

Home Remedies

1. Foot baths help to regulate the water balance and work wondrously in case of swelling feet. Soak your feet in alternating hot and cold water. Repeat this swelling foot remedy several times throughout the day for best results.

2. Consume Ginkgo biloba extracts, for they strengthen heart and the circulatory system, thereby relieving swelling feet.

3. Put bedstraw herb in a blender and extract the juice. Take 1-2 drops of the tincture daily. The herb has diuretic property. It helps the kidneys to maintain proper fluid balance in body and thus checks swelling of feet.

4. Topical application of horse-chestnut extracts checks varicose-vein induced edema

5. Put 1 teaspoon dried dandelion root in a cup of water and simmer for 15 minutes. Strain and drink the tea thrice daily. This relieves swelling feet.

6. Put 1 tablespoon dried nettle leaves in half cup boiling water and steep for 15 minutes. Filter and drink a cup thrice daily. This detoxifies your system and reduces swelling of feet.

7. Intake of barley water reduces swelling of feet.

8. Holding feet under cold running water for 15 minutes before resting gives relief from swelling feet.

9. Mix 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 tablespoon milk, 1 and half teaspoon olive oil, few drops of water and a pinch of cinnamon powder to make a paste. Apply the paste on swollen feet to get quick relief.

10. Massage feet with a combination of peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil and lemon oil. Massaging stimulates lymphatic circulation and lessens swelling.

11. Drink rice water in plenty. It improves micro-circulation and reduces feet swelling.

12. Rubbing of sandalwood oil on feet alleviates swelling.

13. Lavender bubble bath followed by a foot massage produces rewarding results.

14. Boil 2-3 tablespoons of coriander seeds in 2 cups of water until it becomes half. Strain and drink the liquid to get rid of swelling feet.

15. A tea tree oil foot soak is an effective home remedy for swelling feet.

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Mattie Williams Advanced   Affiliate Marketing And Design
You have provided some excellent information. I have suffered with edema for many years, and had all types of medical tests with little or no help. I will try some of the methods that you recommend.
Jun 23rd 2011 11:13   
Maria Fiore Pilon Senior   Water The Source Of Life
I love this information, thank you so much for your advice, I will try some of your remedies. Maria
Jun 23rd 2011 12:13   
Joanie G. Senior   Internet marketer
very good information,i didn't know all of that and i have swollen feet sometimes,i'll try some of the remedies,thanks.
Jun 23rd 2011 17:38   
ALLAN MONES Professional   Co-Founder GBBGBitbillions
Great information for immediate self remedies.
Jun 23rd 2011 18:04   
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