What if you did this each day what would happen!!

by Joseph Botelho Investing One Gram at a Time
June 6, 2011

What if you did this each day what would happen!!

I been promoting blogs from "APSense Members" some understand what l am doing.  That is actually not a bad thing at all, we both win, yea l have my reasons for doing this.  I enjoy "Results" l hope you also do.  This is a simple concept l am going to share with all who have a desire to be good at this.

If we all do this, we will all benefit from this simple process.  We all have the same goal in mind here, never forget this...  We all have a desire for more hits, traffic, comments, backlinks to our sites.  But are we getting them results, some are; most are "NOT".   Why for the simple reason, it takes effort and working effectively in obtaining positive results.

Most of you follow the APSense Blog, l promote members articles on this blog that gets good circulation on the world wide web. What if l was to provide you a way with getting additional ex-poser back to your site for "FREE" , would l have your attention..."GOOD"

Steps For This To be Effective for YOU

-Use the share Button. at the bottom of the article.
-Share this article to who you belong too.
-Add a comment.
-By adding a comment that is positive and related to the article, your getting free ex-poser
-Now your creating a Viral Marketing Campaign
-In return you get the same from all our Members

This Is The Most Important Step

This is going to increase your traffic by taking full advantage of this process.  This is a simple concept that me and Lonnie have created on facebook as well as on the APSense Blog. 

All you need to do when you share an article on Twitter is at the beginning of your tweet, add this to the front of your tweet "Networking Champs", that will get your article on the blog for free...

All you need to do now, is try it and see the results for your self......................working smart is a good thing..............

All The Best,

Joseph Botelho

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Genome Senior   
Great job done Joseph, i really appreciate what you are doing...
Jun 6th 2011 20:50   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
Thank you Tauheed, this is has potential if done daily l have seen great results from it so far according to Alexa Ranking and other SEO tools that l use to measure the success of my efforts.

Yes it is a little work but what we need to do to get ranked....
Jun 7th 2011 08:20   
Genome Senior   
Definitely joseph i am ready to give my best here. that is why i share your like via my employee..:)
Jun 7th 2011 09:24   
Lonnie Niver Committed   Niver's Art
Great post Joseph! This concept Joseph has shared with us time and time again gets results. Right now at the time I post this comment this post has 66 views. Now, once I share this post with other social networks the views will go up dramatically. Why? Because I just created Viral marketing that Joseph is talking about. Placing "Networking Champs" in your tweets allows your tweets to be seen on a few other blogs like mine and Joseph's. This creates more exposure for you. Let's work together and create one of the biggest viral marketing team that people have ever seen. If you would like to work with us just let us know and we will be happy to show you. Going to go share this great post with others!
Jun 7th 2011 12:03   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
Yea Lonnie, we see it happening, and why it works real simple concept....oh well just not for everyone and l can live with life is at times..
Jun 7th 2011 17:59   
Sig TeamSig Senior   Marketing
Joseph with all respect, your doing it again. A good article to read and think about.

Thx for your good inputs

Jun 7th 2011 19:36   
Deb Simpson Senior   Health/Fitness Advocate
Great stuff Joseph. Just a quick question for my own clarification... do we put the quotation marks around Networking Champs?
Jun 7th 2011 21:30   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
No just Networking Champs is all you need in front of your tweet! that will allow it to go to my blog where it will be displayed..
Jun 8th 2011 08:50   
Lonnie Niver Committed   Niver's Art
Deb, we also have instructions to ad a widget to your blogger so that your tweets and ours will appear on your blog too. It is one way we create a successful viral marketing network.
Jun 8th 2011 15:18   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
Thanks Lonnie, you absolutely correct we do have all that information available also for all who decide to use.
Jun 9th 2011 08:45   
Rob aka Cerberus Magnate II Pro   Better World Partisan
Great work, Joseph! Thanks for the post!
Jun 10th 2011 10:12   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
Thank you Rob, l appreciate your kind words...
Jun 10th 2011 11:45   
Brenda Kruse Senior   Health and Healing Natures Way
This is good stuff Joseph. Thanks for the information.
Jun 10th 2011 19:33   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
Your more then welcome Brenda, it has results when it is worked properly, all l have to say..
Jun 12th 2011 16:20   
Mohann Krish Advanced   
I like your method of connecting articles. Since I read about your advice, those two words "Networking Champs" have become dear to me. I have started using them. Thanks, JFB!
Jun 14th 2011 02:01   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
Your more then welcome Mohann, l have seen some of your work being posted on the blog and all over facebook....Yep when yo add them two simple words before your tweet, you do drive a lot of traffic back to you simple but very effective concept...

glad you are taking advantage of this concept...
Jun 14th 2011 13:42   
Lonnie Niver Committed   Niver's Art
I am Happy to see that there are people that see the benefits of Networking Champs. what i would like to see is more individuals become part of Networking Champs by adding a twitter widget on to their blog so that everyone can benefit. We have instruction on how to set it up so message me if you would like to be apart of networking champs by adding a twitter widget to your blog.
Jun 14th 2011 13:52   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
OK, i need some support here, not about my article or who l am, l just looking for some leaders............marketers who have the desire to perform at a different level.

Not an easy thing.............getting someone to pull their credit card................but l like my odds of doing this...why l provide them with original content............that they have an ability to apply.............and create several back links for my article..........learn this..............

Joseph Botelho
Jun 15th 2011 18:37   
Pierre Fricker Senior   Web Illiterate
Joseph you need to add some branding tags to this article. Oherwise I will not be able to like it! :)
This article should be placed on the front page of APSense!
Btw, Joseph thanks a lot for placing my article on JFBMarketing! For that I owe you one!
Jun 25th 2011 15:27   
Rona T. Advanced  Program Analyst
Joseph I read this last week and I agreed with Lonnie when he said this was a great concept but it’s more than that. You are like a farmer planting seeds and when you give advice, you’re watering that seed and it grows therefore you will always reap a great harvest. I was frustrated when I read your post last week because I was trying to click on the like at the top and I couldn’t get it to work; LOL! I didn’t realize that portion had change. Thanks to Cheryl I was able to see the update. Continue doing what you’re doing; this is all new to me but I am steady learning so thanks for teaching me to have great success. This goes to you as well Lonnie!
Jun 29th 2011 21:05   
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