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by Oleg Ivanov
I would like to inform all people about recent SCAM pay for read email RICHGOPTR. 

This is a website -They are advertising that will pay 150 per read email. Do not believe them. They writing you showing that they payout members etc. Once you see someone advertising by showing bank account and how much they banked - it is ALL Lies.

So do not waste your time there it is never pays out, once you request pay out they will not communicate back to you and you will not get the money you earned. 

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Abby Aurora Advanced   Affiliate
That true,
Many PTR sites are fraudulent, they are promised a large commission but by the time we do peranirkan commission, we must upgrade our membership to be higher or have them set and this requires us to pay significant up to hundreds of dollars, this is an indication that this site fool . Be careful with programs like this. I have a lot to follow but all PTR programs deceive. So very good if we have an information just as it is distributed to the other will be very helpful.
Apr 22nd 2011 06:59   
Vps Malhotra Magnate II   Free Lancer
Yes friend you are correct! This is a atandard scamster practice to lure the ungulluble generally comman newbiews into the snare of good returns and dole out promises which are never meant to be honoured I have burnt my fingers There atre very good paying PTR sites they pay a little but they do pay so be cautious in ccommitting your hard earned funds better to go in for trusted tried and proven progrrans than to jump in those which turn out scams
all the best if iNtersted I can give you for free the list of genuine pTC or ptrs paying sites for free and a method to earn good money for freee
Apr 22nd 2011 07:08   
Mas Andry Advanced   Internet Marketer
I agree with you. I found many people that say this PTC is scam. Thank you for the information
Apr 22nd 2011 08:09   
Jesse Jarvis Junior   
Hey lookie, more DBMs (Dirt Bag Marketers). It is a real shame what the world has become nowadays. But atleast one thing will never EVER change: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Great Job Oleg! I myself wouldn't have fallen for this anyways but thanks for the heads up! You probably saved some people. :)
Apr 22nd 2011 09:02   
Corissa Hudson Innovator   
It really should not surprise us though. I recently was sent a scam from a CHURCH! via snal mail boy sent them a nice letter letting them know what scum I thought the was!
Apr 22nd 2011 09:39   
Mohammed Ali Advanced  freelancer
kind of you to share this information with members.
Apr 22nd 2011 13:55   
Rammesh Perumal Senior   Web Business & Development Consultant
Lots of con artists out there just waiting for an opportunity to make quick buck, thanks for the info Oleg. Check at before deal with any program it's may help you to avoid scammed.
Apr 22nd 2011 20:43   
Oleg Ivanov Advanced   
Thank's to all for supporting replies. I did not lost much - only 14 days as i joined as a free member. And I was online anyway and just clicked 5 times a day for their e-mail ad however i did it on Smart media Browser and get paid on my other program Few cents but its adds up at the end :) so i did not lost anything except just checked that it is unreal to earn money without investing anything and just read some e-mail.

I think it is right to let people know about Scam cause some might have a perceptions and spent their valuable time plus money at some point and at the end they will get disappointed and in the future they would not trust any program, however there is few real opportunities that they will miss out on them.

I found this real Deal and I am sticking with it. It started kind of slow at the beginning but after 2 month it start showing very good results. I am glad i joined. Here the link - check it out if you like: Need to fill in details and press green button and on the next page watch first 3 videos.
Happy Easter for Everyone.
Apr 22nd 2011 22:27   
SANGEETA Srivastava Junior   
Do not waste your time on PTR . They never pay a single penny These are scams.
Jun 23rd 2011 09:27   
Abby Aurora Advanced   Affiliate
Hi my all friends, do you want no scam program ?
this is not scam, really paying
60% profit every month
Jun 24th 2011 09:34   
don't waste time on PTC scams. Join a real business. Get your free tour to learn more.
Jun 26th 2011 08:02   
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