Welcome to APSense Wiki! we need Your Support!

by Joseph Botelho Investing One Gram at a Time
April 2, 2011,

Welcome to APSense Wiki!

The Wiki of APSense has been around for a longtime, but not many of us have learn how to use it or why we even have this section as a tool. Wincer our Leader and Founder of APSense decided to improve this system, updated the software and now we are going to build pages with the support of all our members.

With the support of all the members here at APSense we can make this happen, one page at a time.  What we will need is members to become moderators with the Wiki community and as well as members to become contributors.  Let me explain the meaning of each level so we fully understand what our duties will be.

Contributor Member

How you can become a Contributor for the APSense Team on the Wiki CommunityThe APSense Team would like you to take a few minutes and compose and email on why you would be the right candidate for this position. As a Contributor on the APSense Team you will have full access to all the page for you to review and revise according to our policies we have in place.  If you have an interest in become a Contributor CLICK on CONTACT US, select subject , APSense CONTRIBUTORS, then just send in your request to us.


You must have at least a 100 honor points and understand how to us Wiki Pages.
If you have these qualification then we love to hear from you and look forward to your support.

This is a rewarding position that will enhance your abilities to grow within our communities here at APSense and improve our over all image to the rest of the world wide web, providing APSense with new members who will join our Social Media Site.

More information to follow on this topic and how it will all fit in.


All The Best

Joseph F. Botelho
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Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
Thanks for all the members who have read this article and have an interest with working on this project with the APSense Team. If you could the time to leave us some feed back and also if you will take the time and share this article with your NETWORK we would all benefit from your efforts..

Joseph F. Botelho
Apr 2nd 2011 09:25   
Corey Blackmur Committed   Blackmur Global
This is an area of Apsense that I have not used in the past.
With the new improved Wiki and the updates coming; it should be something that I can benefit from as an Apsense member on a more consistent basis.

Thanks for the article Joseph - I will become more involved.
Apr 2nd 2011 13:14   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
Exactly what Wincer and Myself had in mind for all members to get use to using and promoting of the fastest growing Social Media Sites, on the internet...Well did you register to be a contributor...I hope you did cause you will do well here..

We hope the more who get involved will all benefit..

Don not for get to SHARE THIS ARTICLE how ever you decide to do it,...

Apr 2nd 2011 13:38   
obedi p. Committed   Marketing
I will be like to a contributor when i have 100 h/p
Apr 2nd 2011 14:10   
Lee L. Senior   The Gram Savings Plan
I have to admit, I've not used the WIKI much either, mostly because I'm not at all familiar with it....I think I'll take more time to understand, engage and use it more. I'll be looking forward to the upgrades, thanks Joe and Wincer.
Apr 2nd 2011 14:22   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
I tried the Wiki a year ago and was totally confused. But Wincer made good improvements. It is yuite easy now to work with it. I have just introduced 2 niches.
Apr 2nd 2011 14:27   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
Ladies, Paula, Lee, Enmoney..

Thank you for taking the time and sharing your thoughts on this project, APSense appreciates the feed back...The concept is for all to be able to understand how to create SERP's is what will provide us with better Rankings by Alex....why is this important...cause when we have a team concept working on ranking and teaching can we fail....

The ability to understand the Andrew Carnegie concept of ..."How to Grow Rich".... was the master mind plan of duplication getting all members on the same page....!!

Lets do it..

Apr 2nd 2011 15:08   
John foster Willie Advanced   
I was not aware that it existed, but now that you have highlited it it would be worth exploring, so that the merits can be understood
Apr 2nd 2011 19:15   
Eula Curtis Senior   
Thanks for the information. This is an area I have not explored much yet. Perhaps it's about time.
Apr 2nd 2011 20:41   
Thomas Sabo Junior  
A well researched posts, I'll link to it from my site thank you!
Apr 2nd 2011 20:52   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
I started contributing, I put screencast videos for Talents and Groups in APSense General.
Apr 2nd 2011 21:27   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional Premium   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
Let me add one thing for Clarification the APSense wiki is for APSense related topics not promoting or advertising! What you are trying to do is create a resource for members to find information on APSense, how it works, features etc. It is not another space to park a join my biz-op ad!
Apr 2nd 2011 21:31   
Jason Linken Junior   
I started contributing too
Apr 3rd 2011 02:24   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
Thank yo for all the replies, from all the members and as Cheryl says Wiki has always had a ZERO TOLERANCES for advertising. This will result in immediate termination of your membership here. Please respect this, we are trying to making a contribution to all members to be able to grasp and and understand what APSense will offer your business, when you understand how to use all of the tools, we have here for you to use and promote, grow your business to the new levels.

We appreciate all of the feedback and hope to take it to the next steps. Thank you for all the comments and let's keep growing...

Joseph Botelho
Apr 3rd 2011 09:26   
Selya Rollins Professional   Creative Imagery
I sent my request and glad to see the new enhancement.
Apr 3rd 2011 09:42   
Cindy Bolley Magnate II Premium   HHCTB?
Thanks for the post Joe.
It looks like it will be a great asset to this great place called APSense.


BTW... nice to see you back
Apr 3rd 2011 10:20   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
I just like to thank all the members that have decide to take part and make this project become reality and see how our new members will enahance the abilities to navigate here at APSense.. Making the time spent well rewarded...This is what we are all about sharing with one another....learn and improving our skills...

Thanks for you support....we are just beginning now share if you would please with all of your network and get them to do the same thing,......the "ART OF DUPLICATION" is a viral tool in marketing....we have the ability to remind one another to "ajust do it"...SHARE IT...!!!!

all the best
Joseph F Botelho
Apr 3rd 2011 15:11   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional Premium   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
The Wiki takes a lot of work and many hands can make a large project much easier! I've already completed a community page and am now working on the eZine Space page.

Those who have Niche Communities can start working on your pages.

One other note the wiki is an every changing resource. As new tools are added services are updated etc, the wiki will be updated to reflect that.
Apr 3rd 2011 15:16   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
Thanks for the good feed back, yes the who purpose of working this new system is for the ability it will have for all members to have access and vital information to enhance their abilities to be the best they can honestly be. The APSense Team, wants success for it's members, by giving success, then success will be returned to APSense which will provide all its members with rewards....The progress we have made since l been here, September 15th, 2007 my son's birthday why l remember the day l joined. Look at where we are Ranked with Alex 4431 at the current moment...

The foundation is solid, now up to all the members take it to the next level..

One member at a time..

all the best

Joseph F. Botelho
Apr 4th 2011 18:16   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
Thanks Cheryl,

If we all do what we all know what we have to do, then we will get there....Networking is a Contact Sport......this l know...the more the better the it all works...and if you have your team educated and trained all l can say is watch out...:}
Apr 7th 2011 20:12   
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