Difference Between Traditional Marketing And Network Marketing

by Akila Wedasinghe Professional

There are many differences and similarities between traditional businesses and network marketing. Network marketing is basically a way to start your own business at low cost and with low monthly expenses. A traditional business is basically a business started with a large down-payment and the monthly expenses are high; usually you also need to have a place to store products that you stock up to sell.


Not everyone wants to start their own business; they prefer to simply work for someone else and get paid a steady monthly income check. It gives them security. However, they can be fired at any time, so they need to make sure they work very hard and make sure they are essential to the business. That doesn't make for job security, but in their minds the fact that they get a monthly check and medical benefits gives them the sense of security, and most people are satisfied with that.

If you are one of those people who would prefer to start your own business so that you can have more time flexibility and can make more money than what you can make working for someone else, you have two options. You can either start a traditional business or you can start a network marketing business. To start a traditional business you can take two routes: you can franchise so that you can have the "brand name" (like McDonald's or Subway), or you can start your own private company by filing your company name with the state, getting a local and stocking up on products you will sell, or you can start.

When you start a traditional business, you have to have money. It's hard to start a business with just $100 or $200. A franchise costs about $80,000 to $150,000, so you need to have lots of money saved up, or you need to have been born rich or have won the lottery. To start your own company, you need to rent a local and stock up on the products you will sell. Your monthly expenses will include rental of the space, electricity, phone, heating and air, and perhaps employees. You may choose to operate from you home so you don't have to rent any space, but you still have monthly expenses, so you need to decide how much these will be and if you have the money to spend that every month. For both of them you need to file paperwork every month or quarterly as well.


When you start a network marketing business, the start up cost is very low and the monthly expenses are low as well. Start up cost varies from $40 to about $200; monthly expenses vary from $50 to about $150. The company with which you partner will take care of all the paperwork, so you don't have to spend time doing that, plus they will normally stock up on all the products and will ship as needed directly to your customers. They set up an online store for you, and you only need to pay a small fee for the website every month or yearly; people who choose to purchase something from you simply go to your online store and get the products. Another cool thing about network marketing is that you get to choose to partner with people from all across the U.S, and sometimes even from around the world. The people on your team help you build your business so that you don't have to work all the time; you can also reach a lot more people with your products and services than you would if you just worked on your own.don't forget if you fail in your traditional business you gonna loose lot of money.but if you fail in network marekting your not going to loose much other than your time.


Personally, I think that if you are a person who wants to start their own business, the best way to go is starting a network style one for all the reasons I mentioned in the above paragraph. There are many available from which you can choose, depending on your passion. For example, if you are passionate about fitness and health, and you want to offer products and services to people that will help them reach their fitness goals, find a company that offers that, research it and then sign up when you are completely sure that is the type of business you want to start. Make sure you take your time to research the companies and don't sign up with the first one you are offered or see on the internet.


Decide for yourself if you want to work for someone else or if you want to start your own business. If you decide to start your own business, decide how much money and time you want to invest to start and on a monthly basis, and decide what services and/or products you want to offer your potential customers. Decide who your main target is and start spreading the word about your new business. Work hard at it no matter what type of business you choose to start, and keep going no matter how tough things may get at times. It will all pay off if you keep at it and don't quit.


If you have any question feel free to contact me


Tomorrow i am planing to talk about new business opportunities.but it's depend on your request.


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Kh. J. Committed   Web designer
Thanks for sharing your knowledge !
Feb 14th 2011 01:45   
Vivian Vanatu Advanced   Business Partner
I love network marketing for the power it gaves to common people. Network marketing gives the opportunity to everyone to use the most powerfull leverage: multiplication.

Great article, thanks for sharing!
Feb 14th 2011 02:59   
Wincer Song Magnate I Deluxe Founder
The risk of online marketing is much lower than tranditional marketing. Make small money online is easy for everyone, but if you want to work online full time, it is the same hard as tranditional marketing.
And there are so many scamming programs online, to spend more time on researching it before you join them.
Feb 14th 2011 03:43   
Moch. Amin Heryawan Advanced   Workshop Controller
Its great articles and useful for who want to start own business online with small fund or capital, save time for work and no need place to store goods.
Feb 14th 2011 03:48   
Vladimir Lugansky Senior   Forex Trade
Excellent article. Thanks for the publication.
Feb 14th 2011 04:01   
Teodor Muntean Professional   Business Consultant
Traditionaal maarketing is costly and time consuming. Online marketing has its disadvantages, but I will go online anyway as the risk is much lower. Network Marketing or MLM is a very complicated thing, and needs high marketing skills if you want to win, otherwise is just waste of time and money.
To life, family and business success!
Coach Teo
Feb 14th 2011 04:11   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Consistency Marketing, Videos
Network marketing is not the only way to build a business online. You might choose to simply build your online business by going the affiliate marketing route, or the "create your own products" route. All you have to pay for is advertising to get traffic, and maybe hosting and an autoresponder, which may be free but are not as reliable.
Feb 14th 2011 07:07   
Valentin Ivanov Senior  Internet Marketing Consultant
The difference is quite obvious, but the Network Marketing and the Internet Marketing as a whole are based on the grounds of the tradidional marketing.
Feb 14th 2011 07:24   
Cindy Bolley Magnate II Premium   HHCTB?
Once again a very good read.
I like your style!!!

Feb 14th 2011 07:38   
Teodor Muntean Professional   Business Consultant
In my own business life time, being my own boss since 1988, I can tell you few things that may help anyone do not make the same mistakes I have made and most people are making yet...
... But, while wanted to start to put down somthing here, I realized that this is a long topic... and should be written as a separate subject...
However, until this will happen here is one BIG MISTAKE and IMPORTANT THING to avoid:

Never take for granted... and do not expect that if one thing worked very well for one person/business/organization it will work the same way for you! It could be a greater success or a big bankruptcy...

The next step, after failing first, you may have a great success! As most people who failed was able to learn so well from their mistakes !! so they came to a big success after they failed first!

You can avoid failing first ONLY if you find a trustworthy PERSON/BUSINESS/ORGANIZATION who will train you in the right way!
I think ApSense is a kind of almost free school for those who want to listen and learn.

To your life, family and business success!
Coach Teo
Feb 14th 2011 08:11   
Cindy Bolley Magnate II Premium   HHCTB?
Coach Teo... I will be looking forward
to reading your post.

Your right about APSense being a school,
I had never thought of it that way.
The posts that people share are lessons indeed.
Feb 14th 2011 08:34   
Al Hamilton Advanced   Online Marketing
Well written article,NM. While I am not involved in a Networking biz currently, I have had some success w/ programs in the past, and their are some good ones around today. I would have to echo Wincer's comment that you must be aware that there ARE a lot of scams out there, thinly veiled "recruiting" pyramids that are only built to last until "momentum" fades, when they will just start a "new" one. If one were to contemplate an MLM or Networking opp., I would recommend: A- find a co. w/ a legit product or service YOU can get excited about, and would recommend to personal friends, etc. If you just have your eyes on a pay plan and not the product/service fueling it, you probably won't have much success anyway. B- Do your due diligence on the Co. How long has it been around? "Start-ups" can be tapped to great potential, but well over 90% will fail, too. What's the track record of the Co. founders and Officers? Don't just read the website--do some research of your own. Much more to add, but getting long, so I'll wrap up by also agreeing w/ Philippe, that affiliate marketing also offers a tremendous low-cost entry into online marketing. While not rich by any means, I have been able to create a nice, steady baseline income through marketing programs and products I believe in. I am looking @ re-entering the MLM field myself again through a product I found, so you certainly CAN do both--and it's a great way to fund your mlm biz while you get it rolling.
Feb 14th 2011 09:27   
Rosyel S. Professional   Financial Advisor, Blogger
Nicely written article. I would agree that doing online marketing isn't as easy as it sounds. However, it's a good way to start if you don't have a lot of capital but would rather work for yourself than others. And yes, research is truly important to avoid programs that are most likely scams. I'm learning lots of stuff daily and even though I won't consider myself well knowledgeable in this field, I enjoy the freedom it entails. Keep sharing more insights! I look forward to more of your articles.
Feb 14th 2011 10:07   
Akila Wedasinghe Advanced   Professional
thx everybody.i really appricialte your comments
Feb 14th 2011 11:50   
Josha Kenneth Leslie Innovator   Website manager
Traditional marketing is easier, but network marketing is better. The only thing is that you need to be a good network marketer in order to get anywhere cos my site ( is getting somewhere, but slowly. I think network marketing (e.g appsense) has greatly improved my traffic, though.
Feb 14th 2011 11:59   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Consistency Marketing, Videos
@CPNITV1COM, your comment shows "link hidden". I suggest you come back, copy the comment, then delete it and paste it in a new comment without the link. Else, some members might report you for abuse.
Feb 14th 2011 12:05   
Teodor Muntean Professional   Business Consultant
Hi Cindy! Nice to find you being active here for so looong time!
Feb 14th 2011 16:31   
Cindy Bolley Magnate II Premium   HHCTB?
Thanks Coach Teo... This is like home to me!
Feb 14th 2011 16:48   
Alexandr Sutormin Senior   Russian Navel
it's nice, of course...
but I wanna say, that
Difference Between Traditional Marketing And Network Marketing -
similar to the DIFFERENCE between real sex and virtual one!
Feb 14th 2011 18:17   
Jon Patrick Advanced   LifeStyle Coach
Awesome article (colorful!) that points to the difference between working for others, and the amazing opportunity Network marketing has to let you start your own business.
It's underappreciated due to it's low cost to start, but the upside can put you in the top 1% of earners - if you dedicate yourself to personal development, work, and helping others!
Feb 14th 2011 21:19   
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