How Joining TagVillage Helps You and Others Around You

by Deejay B. N/a

I'm going to start out by saying I am not trying to be narcissistic, but there was a question over at the Village Talk forum that someone asked that sort of lead into me explaining more then just an answer to the question, and really sort of summarizes why NOW is the ideal time to fund your Tagvillage account while we are still in pre-launch.


Basically, the question asked:

How can this (Tagvillage) help the people around you?


What follows is my answer, and I will explain a bit more below the quote.



"I think this is the one area that will make Tagvilage a uniue, paradigm shifting platform. Everything about Tagvillage is designed around this one basic concept - helping those around YOU! 


Starting with "My Causes" when they roll out will be all about charities and organizations that YOU pick, that are local and dear to YOU. Even though they can be regional, national or global, they could also be the local food pantry down the street, or your neighborhood church, or some organization only YOU know about. 


Following that same concept, David (Ruebush) talked about this at last nights phone conference and something that has excited me for a while once I got the full impact of the concept: by uniting search and social platforms, this creates an entirely new platform for retailers, shoppers and users, one that no one else has created yet. 


In it's simplest terms, Facebook knows who you are and what you like, but no idea of what you are looking for. Google knows what you are looking for, but no idea who you are or what you like. The first phase of this is joining the power of both of them together. Now there is a platform that knows who you are, what you like AND what you are looking for. Not only this, it knows far greater details because of your social interactions. It now knows who you communicate with, and what their likes and interests are as well. This paints a pretty unique picture of you, your interests, and your searching and shopping habits. 


This alone is pretty powerful, and to some extent many platforms are already doing something on a scaled down version. This is why Facebook is able to promote ads geared only towards your interests, and Google can produce "local" results. 


The plan (and someone official in Tagvillage will correct me if I am speaking incorrectly) is to allow a way for everyone in your network to be able to rate search results. So lets say your network of 100 friends in your local area all like a particular pizza place. They can give it a thumbs up (or whatever) rating. Now, if you go to search for "pizza" the results will not only bias towards your location, but also by the ratings in YOUR network. So in essence, YOUR "pizza" search results will be way different then MY "pizza" results. And, YOUR's are likely to even be different from someone that even lives down the street from you. 


This is huge! ENORMOUS! This is paradigm shifting. This opens the potential for targeted marketing and advertising in ways not yet conceived. Not only does this make the "little" guy on equal footing with the national giants, this creates a virtually unlimited advertising pool of words and advertisers. Now, "Jeff & Jim's Pizza" in my town (which is the best in the world) and services about 14,000 people, can have greater market share and higher advertising returns on their dollar then Dominoes or Pizza Hut, who are serving millions of people a day. 


The end result is there is no way a single advertiser can buy his way to the top spot of EVERYnetwork on Tagvillage. Every network will be different, and since every person in your network is the starting node of THEIR own network, the combinations of networks and interests virtually become limitless. 


Not only does this force advertisers to be creative in their "niche" marketing, but opens an entire realm of tags and keywords that no one else would ever consider "valuable". As tag traders and pre-launchers we are getting an early jump on "valuable tag real estate", this can be HUGE advantages for us. As good as it is to own "generic" words like "pizza", in my particular case, "Jeff & Jim's Pizza" might be 10X more valuable to me, especially considering I live in a college town. The likelihood that "pizza" will become an untouchable term (as far as price is concerned) in the first day of trading is pretty high, it is also likely that "Jeff & Jim's pizza" will stay at .10? for a LOOOONG time


So do I get out there and try to invest all my money in "pizza" and hope that I can beat out these guys who have been referring people for a month and have 500 people in their network already? Or do I focus on areas that I know will make me money long term at a fraction of the price? 


Remember, this is only ONE pizza joint in one small town - in MY town, not YOUR town. I haven't touched the rest of the industries and businesses in town that are popular. We even have businesses that have names that aren't even real words - like "Westconsin Credit Union". Everyone has this same sort of advantage in their own towns all around the world. 


Lastly, the above is all just from a financial side. Keep in mind that tied to all of this will be "My Causes". These organizations will operate in similar fashion, and could potentially rewrite the entire concept on donations and gifting. Imagine what some of these hot-shot SEO guys that are generating hundreds of referrals in their networks could do with a local charity or organization. They could literally give it global attention - and money. The two things all charities need to be successful. 


So, in the end, you ask "How can this help the people around you?" The question isn't "how can it", the statement is "by design, it can't do anything BUT help people around you!" 



So, this means that for those of you who have not funded your accounts yet, Tag Trading is going to begin in a few days.  When the "soft launch" rolls out, the funding and referrals will be temporarily locked out for further testing, and to provide an ADVANTAGE to those of us that got in early.


Even though I live in a small rural town of 14,000 in the middle of nowheresville, WI, there are some of you that live in giant cities of 14 million or more.  So even though my "local words" might be safe for a while, there are some of you that are not so safe.


It is conceivable that even "hot spots" around town or cities might become SUPER STRATEGIC keywords.  These might be the "foot in the door" that advertisers need to target specific networks.  Think about this: where are the hots pots around you? In D.C. when I lived there, "Georgetown" was one of the bigger districts for some of the nicer restaurants.  What about "Fishermans Wharf"?  "The Pier", The Bridges", "Soho" etc, etc.   Think about names of subway stops, what is local to those - i.e. Pentagon Mall.  What are some of the "iconic" things around you that tie retailers to your locale, your network, and your interests?  And more importantly, which of those things are they likely to spend money on to be sure to advertise to YOU and YOUR network?


In the end, the only way to get a jump start on these words is to fund your accounts NOW, and make sure that your unfunded referrals all know the potential risk they are missing out on by not getting this head start.  


With a minimum investment of only $5, this is almost a no brainier.  Only those in early with prefunded accounts will get the head-start on tag trading.  Since most people spend more money on coffee or a soda and chips at the gas station, this is an amount people usually have available on hand as disposable income.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to Invest it in something that could make a resounding difference in your future.


Click here to join TagVillage.

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