How Well Do You Respond To Things

by Toshiba Burton Social Media Consultant

Do You Ever Think About How You Respond To Things

 We often say things such as "He makes me angry or she makes me uncomfortable, this job stresses me out or that's driving me insane." As true as such statements may seem, they're not accurate.

When you are angry, or nervous, stressful, fearful, offended or excited, it's due to a quick decision you've made. The other person or situation does not make you that way you have chosen to respond that way may be without even knowing it.

Most such responses are so familiar they just become automatic yet they don't have to be. They depend on your choices and you are the one who controls the choices that you make.

The way you respond to every situation is up to you. When making that choice, it pays to consider what will happen as a result of that choice and to ask yourself if it will have a positive outcome on your life.

You can choose to respond in whatever way you want to. So rather than putting those responses on auto-pilot, choose those which will move your life forward and the world in which you live in, positively forward.

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Selya Rollins Professional   Creative Imagery
Very true Toshiba, as a teacher, this is something I show to my students... You can Choose.
Dec 28th 2010 10:30   
Margaret Mule Advanced   
Quick decisions often dont end up well. Weighing the pros and cons is the way to go. Make choices wisely.
Dec 28th 2010 10:47   
Siddhartha Shanker Innovator   Website Consultant and Developer
They say - Pause... and then take the plunge. The pause is where you think what is right and what is not.
Dec 28th 2010 11:35   
Mario Djivanovic Senior   marketer
Always think forward and wise
Dec 28th 2010 14:41   
Linda R. Advanced  Animal Rescuer/Thrift Store Owner
This makes a lot of sense but also first hand experience too, some people can't respond like that and that is why they get so stressed and frustrated. If they have a disorder such as depression or chemical imbalance this can be of a road block so to speak, not necessarily all the time but it can happen. I have experienced this first hand.
Dec 28th 2010 18:13   
Toshiba Burton Senior   Social Media Consultant
Hey Rollins keep teaching it bro!!!
Dec 29th 2010 13:42   
Toshiba Burton Senior   Social Media Consultant
Islandpride most of us don't stop and think first we just react
but if we stop and meditate about things before they happen then when they come our way then we will know how to respond much more calmly before they occur.
Dec 29th 2010 13:44   
Toshiba Burton Senior   Social Media Consultant
TheSids thanks for sharing pause then take the plunge humm...well react much better lol
Dec 29th 2010 13:45   
Toshiba Burton Senior   Social Media Consultant
Mario thanks for sharing!!!
Dec 29th 2010 13:46   
Toshiba Burton Senior   Social Media Consultant
Lindamn don't even get me started on how much chemical imbalances, depression and being bipolar is overrated you already know it.
Anyway thanks for yr sharing I appreciate.
Dec 29th 2010 13:47   
Linda R. Advanced  Animal Rescuer/Thrift Store Owner
I also want to add that having depression and chemical imbalance and sometimes having a hard time making decisions the last several months I actually take a lot of time to think things through before making serious decisions. I look at different angles too such as cost, reliability, how others might see it, how I see it, what the future has to offer regarding the decision, and even will do research on it if I have the time. I have made a few bad choices in the past and have learned from them and now it is time to take the time to make sure I don't do that again.
Jan 6th 2011 19:15   
Toshiba Burton Senior   Social Media Consultant
Lindamn what you said is very true we all have made the wrong decisions but its all about looking at them as a learning experience & moving on. Love your input!!!
Jan 7th 2011 12:42   
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