Shame - Shame - Shame - Shame - Need to Vent

by Nancy Radlinger Online Business Consultant
I am so disappointed right now and wanted to share some of my thoughts on a few things - I don't know about most of you on here but I take my online business very serious and really don't appreciate all the ones on there that do not.

Here are my examples as I posted two campaigns and I have to say shame, shame, shame on some of you - most of you did not even read the post and I want you know that this is disappointing as I'm not a writer.  You would not believe what I go thru to get my thoughts on paper and then to have some of you to just copy and paste the same comments on my articles is crazy.

For the ones that missed what I wrote about - I wrote on a great program that is working for me, had an awesome back office full of tools that an internet marketer could use and is making me a nice monthly income.  The 2nd article was on how to tell if a site is a scam - and I did this to help others not fall for some of the crap that is out there. 

This is some of the comments that were posted on BOTH campaigns and yes I'm so disappointed that I'm posting the names along with the comments.  If you are offended then maybe next time you will think twice about coping and pasting the same comments on post that you don't even read.

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nice informative post giving the basics to be absobed by one and all thanks 38 hours ago

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And, I'm sorry - I'm not sure what beautiful scenery you say or music you heard - there was NONE

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Dave Gilbert Senior   Web Entreprenuer
yes those people should feel ashamed of themselves, spamming is wrong posting useless comments is wrong better if you have nothing constructive to say you say nothing than post something totally irrelevant or stupid, I see this sort of behavior all day long and i must say it gets hard to turn the other cheek and ignore it.
My honest opinion is you have a right to rant and send the message loud and clear to those members who choose to litter posts with their garbage.
Nov 22nd 2010 02:32   
Paul Germana Advanced    ***
I'd rather be run over by an idiot than someone who knows what he's doing. People are just inconsiderate, you have to keep fighting. I know can reject those comments. If you leave them there it's your own fault honey. Worrying about a bunch novices screwing your pooch is sure to lead to failure. Idiots who come to your page and prove it are ripe for your low cost, state of the art system. Seek em out and invite em back.

Confront them with tact and get em into your business. Tell them politely that you earned the credits they tried to waste, but they're welcome to come back and "really" take a look at what you've got. They may turn out to be better people than you think. I go round and round with people about this; people who have never even read the CAN-SPAM ACT (google me!) and who still have not learned to build a list.

They are blaming the novices because their business isn't really paying the bills anyway. If it were, they wouldn't be sweating spammers, they'd be stopping them and if possible helping them. Clearly spammers are not successful. They're the ones you want! That's a fact! I believe YOU have the right attitude, but people who don't know Spam Law or how to deal with tire kickers want to make you think that "spammers" can ruin your business. They are not building their network, they're distracting you!

Reject senseless comments, but seek out people who visit your site. If THEY are rude to YOU, then you can REALLY let em have it; and believe me that's more satisfying than any pleasure known to man :) I started using Apsense to promote my business just yesterday and have gotten 19 sign ups from right here at my business center. I wish you the best of luck with NPN and BTW (nancysgiftsuggestions) appears to be down. Did the domain expire? Let me know if I can help sweetheart. I'll be happy to host it for free if you still own it~ Paul Germana
Nov 22nd 2010 03:07   
Slawomir Sobotowski Professional   Web Designer, Admin
I try to talk with one of this members who always advertise in comments...Yes him. When is send pvt message to finally stop do this, he remove contact with me. I've been down that day... ;)
Nov 22nd 2010 04:06   
Gopakumar Rajan Magnate II   YouTuber from India
Sure, it's a shame. I think they do it for the sake of 'credits' only. This is spamming. Will the administration take it seriously and remove irresponsible members from the site? A clean up action is necessary.
Nov 22nd 2010 04:34   
Teodor M. Professional   Blockchain Real Estate
It is very bad to post ads in comments, it is very bad to spam, it is very bad to be a scammer...
But, do not forget that there are also people who don't know what they do... or how to do it...
Some don't know these tech things, so why to blame them? I agree with you that if I start a job I love to finish it and declare "mission completed/fulfilled" :-)
We live in a very complicated world. I'd never be the first to cast the stone...
So, don't worry, be happy my friends!
Nov 22nd 2010 04:53   
Wendy Ward Senior  Web Designer
they are doing it for credits, pure and simple! most of them do know exactly what they are doing and think they are clever enough to fool you, and if there really are those that dont know, then thats no excuse anyway, there are enough things for them to read to find out what they should and shouldnt do.
Nov 22nd 2010 04:59   
Laura Newton Committed  The Water Filter Lady
I dont blame you at all for venting Nancy, but Wendy is right. The spammers are only here to spam and have not learned proper social ediquette and probly never will. All we can do is keep reporting them and hopefully they will get booted. Unfortunately, 2 more will join right behind them.
Nov 22nd 2010 05:14   
Teodor M. Professional   Blockchain Real Estate
If it is for credit, then it is bad, I told this already. But I know people here who are beginners and don't know much about this advertising and marketing tech things. Those should be forgiven... Those who intentionally and repeatedly sin should be punished... by being eliminated from Apsense team.
Nov 22nd 2010 05:14   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
Yes it is frustrating. All we can do is decline comments and report abuse. I do not launch many comment campaigns any more. Serious marketeers will write something anyway even if they do not get credits.
Nov 22nd 2010 05:18   
Katrina O. Professional   Indiana Water Filters
Right Paula and Laura! I agree with both of you. It is frustrating to us serious internet marketers. Very sad when we offer help and are shunned...but hey, if they really wanted to succeed, they would try a little harder to follow the rules and not spam. They are not doing themselves or their business any favors by not learning the correct ways to market! There is a lot to learn, and really, they must not be too serious, or they would learn from their mistakes and stop the spamming!
Nov 22nd 2010 05:43   
Neville Dinning Professional   Independent Consultant
Unfortunately these comments and those that are similar are all over the place. It could be that some of these comment posters think that they are actually achieving something, but it hard to work out what that might be.
I believe that it is not worth spending time agonizing over their misguided attempts at either gaining credits from a campaign, or spreading their links through your blog or other sites. A quick abuse report and delete should get them off your blog, thus improving the value of your blog and perhaps their account suspended.
It is annoying to have to do that, and a little rant every now and then might be useful, but I would try not to spend too much time getting worked up about it.
I think Paula has summed it up pretty well.
Nov 22nd 2010 05:51   
Paul Germana Advanced    ***
I don't notice spammers, they can't do half the damage a seasoned internet marketer can do. Some just criticize to calm their own nerves. You look bad and they feel better, Ain't it great!!!

...spammers are the least of my troubles!
Nov 22nd 2010 06:14   
Dave Gilbert Senior   Web Entreprenuer
@paul "they can't do half the damage a seasoned internet marketer can do" you got that right Paul lol
Nov 22nd 2010 06:37   
Ginny Williams Committed   Affiliate and Network Marketing
Girl, this is great! Everyone needs to vent at some time and how great we have someone to listen and respond.
Nov 22nd 2010 06:43   
Al Hamilton Advanced   Online Marketing
No shame in blowing off steam,lol. I am a refugee from another network (ginny knows) where people are TAUGHT to do this to build points. But once they've been warned, I agree it's time to start reporting. There are SO many options here to promote your opp.s, no reason to do that. I love that Apsense provides ways to network and actually build relationships w/ like minded people. I hope, as I learn the ropes if I do something wrong, Y'all WILL let me know.
Nov 22nd 2010 07:06   
Jeff Greene Committed   Online Marketing Specialist/Consultant
You should take heart and feel proud for your efforts to battle the spammers on Apsense...

You are never alone as there a a lot of us who are very happy to report, shame and generally make life as miserable for these misguided misanthropes.

Stay strong and be Blessed for every single effort that you make...

Apsense is growing into a much loved and highly respected network because of folks like you! :)
Nov 22nd 2010 07:44   
Joan Larmon Advanced   
I know how you must have felt, I my self during traffic exchange had for sometime being there for the credit But then I asks myself this question,'How would I felt to know people was just going on my site for the credit, and not really to red my blog? Answer, 'Real bad', and so I stooped.

Take heart you still have lots of us right at apsense, who read blogs for the information, also the credit, which is also of utmost importance.

All the best my friend
Nov 22nd 2010 07:50   
Ginny Williams Committed   Affiliate and Network Marketing
As a site owner, I can relate to this issue. It's a constant battle and must nip it in the bud! Al Hamilton is right! I think Apsense is one of the greatest places to network. I've made many new friends and working on those relationships on a daily basis is a must.
Also, anyone reading this, if were not connected, please add me and I'll accept all contact requests. Have a blesssed day and a very happy Thanksgiving!
Nov 22nd 2010 07:54   
Teodor M. Professional   Blockchain Real Estate
Hope we don't waste oru time and those who have this problem read these comments... in order to come to normal and contribute to the community.
Nov 22nd 2010 07:59   
Wendy McKee Senior   affiliate marketer
They are everywhere. There are even traffic exchanges that had to cut alot of people because they set up their systems to "surf" automatically and earn cash. That's very sad. $.05 for every 200 pages surfed. Their machines just run! I don't know how but they do. Wow. Why not really try to promote something that's worthwhile and "read" what others are offering and listen to what works for others. I love to hear a real testimonial on what is working for someone. In fact, I "ask" people here. It may not work for me, but I'll give it a shot and a thanks for the info.
Nov 22nd 2010 08:03   
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