I love help! Do You want quality advertising?

by Slawomir Sobotowski Web Designer, Admin
Hello reader!

Do You need some quality traffic?
In one of my sites what use i have 19 unused solo's.

Sites is called PIF43 and have now 11,500+ verified members.
I don't tell You join!
I want send Your advert on my membership.
Check some pictures what this look like:

Normally for free member must wait over one month until solo are sended.


OK! If You are interested what You need to do?

* Send me via pvt message solo to setup on this site (headline and text).
* Send me to my Paypal ( ) $5 + fee $0.50

That's it!
If You have any question feel free to contact with me.

Slawomir Sobotowski

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Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
Hi Slawomir, very, very nice blog, very well presented. It stands out from regular text blogs.

I recommend that you create a RevPage also. With your ability, I'm confident you'll get even more attention.

I wish you success with PIF43.

Nov 19th 2010 11:19   
Slawomir Sobotowski Professional   Web Designer, Admin
Thanks Philippe! This is quick and to the point information to all members. You know i like help and...for what me that many solos? Maybe other people will be interested to get some traffic.
I give them on that same conditions what i have in this site.
Nov 19th 2010 11:29   
Andre Kalis Advanced   
This sounds very enticing, but my experiences of safe lists have not been good at all - in most cases a zero, nada, zilch response rate.
Nov 19th 2010 15:46   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
Oh boy, Andre, I wonder if other people have the same experiences as you. I saw the other day some people don't love TEs, while I do get some results, and I'm a newbie with TEs, just started using them 6 weeks ago
Nov 19th 2010 15:48   
Slawomir Sobotowski Professional   Web Designer, Admin
@Andre This is Text Ad Exchange site combined with matrix, not safelist and every solo give more than 600 clicks. This is acceptable click thru rate.
Nov 19th 2010 15:51   
Andre Kalis Advanced   
Philippe, I'm sure all safe lists were not born equal, but the vast majority are totally non-responsive and if you get a 4% click through rate consider it good. That would be clicking for credits. How many emails to how many safelist members would you need to send out to get one conversion? What type of investment in time is that? Not to talk about money unless you're prepared to spend hours clicking for credits so you have enough to send out your emails.

No Phillipe, been there, done that...

Oh, incidentally, I feel exactly the same about TEs
Nov 19th 2010 16:11   
Slawomir Sobotowski Professional   Web Designer, Admin
Andre You have right. Many TAE's and safelists give that click rate, but we all research what is good and works and what not. In my case at 50 sites what i signup i use 2-3, rest memberships i delete, because really don't work and we must spend to many time for them. I advertise only in that sites what i check.
Nov 19th 2010 18:15   
Rosyel S. Professional   Financial Advisor, Blogger
In my limited experience, TEs work for me. Can't say the same for my safelists though. However, adchiever seems hopeful. A number of clicks to my site come from there.
Nov 20th 2010 00:21   
Slawomir Sobotowski Professional   Web Designer, Admin
@Rain Research works! I'm not a member of Achiever from Darren, and trully not always more clicks give more signups. It depends from what You advertise, what people are inside program, what they need, how get their attention...I create one blog here about this. I think very helpfull for everyone. Again! I give other members what i check and works in my case, but i don't tell You this will works for You, but if You have similar interests than YES. You get results.
Nov 20th 2010 09:53   
Andre Kalis Advanced   
I can accept everything you say in favor of TEs and Safe Lists, but they can't contribute much to building an online business unless you use them to get sign-ups to your own list of email subscribers. There's nothing sustainable in safe list and TE advertising, but creating and publishing contents, building your online presence and brand - that's sustainable with growth potential.

I like and do text ad advertising though, because text ads is a form of content publishing and a text ads stay live on the net unlike a safe list email that has no 'shelf life'.

I'll have another look at PIF43, curiosity kills the cat!!
Nov 20th 2010 11:44   
Slawomir Sobotowski Professional   Web Designer, Admin
I see that the conversation starts to walk in the war on its views on ;)...OK! I'm fit, though I think everyone has their own words based on personal experience. Let other readers think what they think. Really thanks for sharing experiences. Of course i get some lessons from this. Regards Slawomir.
Nov 20th 2010 12:01   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
Slawomir, you are the wisest here. I agree with your last post. The kind of discussion we had here belongs to a discussion in a group. So, that'll be my last post here.
Nov 20th 2010 12:35   
Maria Luisa C. Committed   online marketer, networker, leader
This is really nice.But i am a newbie and don't have much idea. Regarding paypal, i am still not verified and lost money already when i withdraw through it.When i contacted them, i need to be verified first.Don't have credit card or debit card as of now to do it.
Nov 20th 2010 19:12   
Daryoto Khadori Advanced    ***
I love too. so tel me how mto work, if i wont to advertis?
Thank's and succes to all
Dec 15th 2010 19:39   
Slawomir Sobotowski Professional   Web Designer, Admin
You have all expalined here from A to Z.
Do you read this article?
Dec 16th 2010 03:52   
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