6 Essentials for Online Home Business Success

by Mohann Krish
Online home business is an immediate attraction to many apart from spending time on social media. At first, you have a computer and an internet connection. Then make a website on some topic of interest, monetize it and apply all traffic techniques advised by the Gurus.

Yet, your online business plans end up where they were! Mail after mail tells you about how a six-year old made mega bucks in just ten minutes. You feel you are the only unlucky fellow on this planet. You resort to affiliate marketing as part of your online home business using auto-pilot system because that is what the Gurus tell us where the online money exists. The last choice (at present) of email marketing may also get exhausted putting a big hole in your small pocket.

So, what went wrong with your online home business strategy? Here are a few points you must consider the following questions and introspect:

1. What is your online business?

A majority of the people are promoting somebody else?s business, not their own. Not that it?s wrong! Do it if selling and marketing is your forte. On your website tell what you are and what is your website or business about. Brand it with a unique name. Tell clearly how and where it differs from supposedly similar online businesses. Do not link to others? businesses. Ask your visitors to link to your business!

So, define your business well and clear!

2. Are you building a business or a website?

Most of the online businesses are mere websites. Elements of a business website are found wanting. One need not be an MBA to understand what is meant by a business. You must imagine you are setting up a company or a corporate as your ideal and your website is just its front-end. Your website must perform the role of a spokesperson. A true business should speak clearly about its Mission, Vision, Objectives, Policy and Strategy. This retains the focus and avoids digress. Your visitors too remember you.

So, focus on the castle (long term goal) and not on the bricks and mortar!

3. Do you have entrepreneurial qualities?

Whether a person is a specialist or a generalist in his field of experience, there are some aspects of work which need outside help. A doctor intending to build his own hospital does not study civil and structural engineering to learn ?how to construct a hospital?. Instead, he assigns that job to a contractor. Unfortunately, in online businesses, website owners tend to do everything by themselves leading to time wastage and poor craftsmanship. Just as a painting looks elegant if done by a master, leave web designing to the expert and stop learning graphics, animation etc. A true entrepreneur, on the other hand, identifies the best people for various functions and oversees his dream turning into a reality. Robert. B. Reich considers leadership, management ability, and team-building as essential qualities of an entrepreneur.

So, appreciate that not all jobs should be done by you!

Continuing further, the other questions one must ask oneself before embarking upon a home based online business are:

4. How much time can you devote for your online business?

Time is the most crucial factor for any activity. First of all, decide if you want to take up online home business as part-time activity or as full time. If it is part-time, it can, at best, be your hobby. It is good to cultivate a hobby. A serious business needs a serious time to be spent on it for good results. Many industrial businesses were in the pipeline for a good time before transforming into reality. If you have a job on hand, you should focus on building the business part of your website project before launching your website. Remember, patience and tolerance are essential ingredients of a successful project.

So, do not rush - your online business development needs time.

5. Are you prepared to face the rigors of ups and downs of business?

Let us accept that not all are ready to face problems in life. In business, money does not pour in without one?s active involvement. The stories of riches saved in your mailbox are not of a lifetime ? they all claim to have made in less than a week?s time. Who knows it may never happen again!

One has to be mentally prepared to take risks, accept responsibilities and exercise due diligence and caution in handling one?s business. If not growing, a steady income is everybody?s expectation. It is not always smooth sailing in life or in business. If you have already faced and handled bad situations in the past, it would be an asset since you can avoid mistakes from the past. On the contrary, if you wish to take things lightly, it is better to continue your hobby of online business and depend on pure luck. The topper in a school, we all know, is the one who has not only the best brain in the class but also who has put in the most hard work

So, money does not flow in like a flood - you must earn it!

6. Lastly, do you have the necessary capital?

A business is carried out by an entrepreneur between two extremes viz., capital and labor. Have you come across anyone who had or has made millions without investing even a tiny bit of money? List out the activities to be performed in your line of business, prepare a budget estimate, set aside the necessary capital and review your business? performance periodically. Application of simple principles of economics to your online home business can ensure prudent decision-making.

So, in a business, profits do not pour in without any capital investment.

So, how does one proceed before choosing a proper and fool-proof system to establish your online home business because you are right in not trusting the written words on the internet?

The best course is to personally meet with people you have short-listed, talk to them, compare their products and services, and seek clarity on costs involved without any additional demands later on, either directly or indirectly.

Or if you trust somebody?s word, go ahead but accept your responsibility for doing so.

If you are serious about your online business, get further details here: Why People Fail

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Sean North Professional   Business
great basic overveiw of online business Mohan,
Apr 28th 2011 11:53   
Mohann Krish Advanced   
Thanks for your kind words, Sean.
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