I would have to be a farmer

by Abby Bob


Do not read so many books, like junior high school. Can write a borrow  note, read the instructions pesticides and fertilizers enough.Spring planting, summer is busy, harvest, winter leisure.Spring, I went to formation, or a plow or harrow. Driving a small four-wheel, or simply yelling, cows and an old ox. Jordan shoes for cheap,Will thaw soon turned the loose powder scattered land, roll the whole flat. When tired, sat down on the ridge, the point on a cigarette, lay it suck. Across the river to see glowing green of the willow, poke subtilis feet, sought out the head of the green buds just showing. After that I sow. Wheat, sowing corn, sunflower ...... point pious heart to god with an attitude of prayer: one year good weather, can have a good harvest.


Summer, before dawn to get up, run around in the fields all day. Weeding, fertilizing, watering round the dry. No dry again, has been repeated to dry, until the time of harvest crops. Rain, the water should return back low. Catch up and wind, but also to the air flow as corn, sunflower repeat, to minimize losses. Jordan Fusions 1/8 ,When the sun sets, cutting grass to feed the sheep of a car and drove back to go carts. Switchgrass drive annoying mosquitoes, not a tune humming a tune. Sunset clouds to the west burned red, like the wood stoves burning pit. Do not want to know a good dinner soon.


Harvest is more busy. Not only to play early, but also to greedy black. Yellow tin to the ground, the dragon's mouth seize food. Year achievements in front of us received a year's hard work will pay off. Jordan xiii,Most farmers nervous collapse tight. Heavens knows there will be any rain, hail a while, a surge of strong winds to the mature crops to spoil. Everyone resorted to desperate effort twelfth rush in the harvest, and heavens which is in dispute.


First reaper wheat . This is a tough job. But the heart is not bitter, sweet. And threshing. And all of the grain piled in the yard in scene when the father would pour a wedge inserted in the wheat pile, call us that, first, and so installed a smoke, so long. Supra Shoes High,After the closing sunflower, sunflower seeds sell for money to play the first cut back, should recover the sunflower shot to a year to use it for cooking. Corn is, corn sold for money, leaving some raise a pig. Corn stalks is a sheep who spend the winter forage.


And other crops are the property of all positions, and point a cigarette, sat on the roof watching the geese go south. Spit tobacco out, Oh ~ ~ ~, this year there is no futile. Well, after a word to make a one-year road hard. Nike Football Shoes, Some of the fields empty, and my heart was at ease.Winter is a good season. Did not live, you can walk all day. Gathered at the wind hit the bar sunny, collected a small number of people playing mahjong. The mood, and brother many drink wine to go! Year after year after year! End of the story, come to an end. I, like nothing bad!May be I am not a farmer, and also do not go back to farmers.

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